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Kohler: Celebrating Data Centers, Powering the Future

The data center is a foundational piece of today’s global datascape, and with International Data Center Day just around the corner, Kohler is joining the IT community to celebrate and bring awareness to these crucial information hubs.  

As the industry’s global power partner and a Supporting Sponsor of this event, Kohler not only recognizes the importance of reliable facility power, but also the importance of educating the next generation of data center employees.

“Data centers fuel the future, but people are the spark,” says Sean Farney, Director of Data Center Marketing at Kohler. “We embrace the educational opportunities International Data Center Day creates for the industry’s future leaders, and we are proud to help promote the various career paths that are available.”  

Nurturing Industry Longevity

Importantly, a core goal of this event is inspiring the next generation of data center talent. In turn, this ensures that the industry will be situated for long-term success and growth despite existing talent shortages. As the world quickly evolves and IT becomes more complex, finding necessary skills to care for data and data centers is becoming a more difficult task. In short — the opportunities are vast (The Uptime Institute estimates that the number of data center staff needed will increase from 2 million in 2019 to around 2.3 million by 2025), but awareness and interest are key for bridging any gaps. 

To support these initiatives, Kohler will be spearheading an internship program to promote data center-focused opportunities and careers within its own ranks. The program will also help develop on-site technical training programs. Furthermore, leaders at Kohler will cultivate greater industry awareness by disseminating key data center insights to everyone across the Kohler family of companies, including stakeholders, vendors and other partners. 

“Kohler is powering the future with proven generator power solutions,” says Farney. “As we continue to invest in the data center industry with global plant expansions to increase generator production, we will seek out more ways to tout the significance of the industry as a whole across the globe.”

To learn more about how Kohler powers global data centers, please click here or follow Kohler Power Data Centers on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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