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K&N Launches New Industrial Group

K&N Engineering Pioneers Sustainable Air Filtration Solutions for Data Centers, Industrial Applications

K&N Engineering brings legacy of air filtration innovation to brand new market with washable, reusable, high-performance air filter solutions 

K&N Engineering, the company behind high-performance automotive filtration solutions, announced the formation of a new industrial group. The group has been created to bring high-performance, sustainable air filtration solutions to providers of mission critical infrastructure, including data centers and other industrial markets. 

Tons of waste generated

Each year, thousands of tons of air filter waste from data center facilities ends up in landfills. Stacking up, year after year. 

“Disposing of conventional air filters has not only become more challenging and expensive, but is highly unsustainable and environmentally irresponsible,” comments Randy Bays, CEO of K&N Engineering. In 2021 alone, data centers worldwide contributed to 2.4 percent of global energy consumption. Our industrial group was formed to help solve these issues.”

The sustainable solution

Just as the company transformed the automotive industry more than 50 years ago, K&N Engineering recognized a market need for better, more sustainable air filtration solutions.  The company is revolutionizing data centers and industrial applications with first-of-its-kind, high-performance and reusable air filtration solutions. K&N Engineering’s air filtration technology saves money, lowers energy costs, and provides significant sustainability benefits for data center and industrial applications everywhere. 

“K&N Engineering strives to maintain our legacy of premium air filtration and the highest standards of performance. Innovation and performance are quite literally the values K&N is built on and we’re thrilled to bring our long-standing leadership and commitment to air filtration solutions to other critical industries,” Bays said.

With a rich history of innovation and premium product performance, K&N Engineering is dedicated to eliminating single-use air filter waste. The company will make an announcement about the first and only, high-performance, fully washable, reusable and zero-waste air filters on the market for data centers and other industrial facilities during PTC’23 January 15-18 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Visit the K&N Engineering booth #6 in The Hub at PTC’23 to learn more about the new product.

To learn more about K&N Engineering’s Industrial Group, visit www.knfilters.com/industrial or email them at [email protected].

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