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K&N Engineering Debuts Washable, Reusable Air Filters for Data Centers

K&N Engineering Debuts Washable, Reusable Air Filters for Data Centers at PTC’23 in Honolulu, HI

The Importance of Proper Air Filtration

Proper air filtration is critical to data centers, as dust buildup can lead to fan failures, overheating and – in worst cases – costly disruptions in service. Dirty air filters reduce operational efficiency and increase energy consumption and costs. 

To keep clean air flowing, data centers change air filters often. These disposable filters end up in landfills across the globe, where the filter media, cardboard and metal components pile up. 

Not anymore.

A Better Way

K&N Engineering’s Industrial Group just introduced washable, reusable, high-performance air filtration solutions for data centers and other industrial applications. These new alternatives to single-use filters are highly customizable to meet varied specifications and ensure the highest performance, maximize savings and reduce waste. With a 15+ year lifecycle, just one K&N filter replaces several years worth of disposable filters. 

“Most are unaware of the negative impact that single-use filters have on the environment. As a result of dumping these filters in landfills, harmful greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere,” stated Randy Bays, CEO of K&N Engineering. “Our proprietary air filtration technology is as sustainable as it gets with zero waste for 15+ years.” 

As the only washable and reusable air filter of its kind on the market today, K&N Engineering’s filters are available in V-bank and panel designs, as well as customizable configurations. The high airflow and low restriction filters reduce energy consumption without sacrificing performance. The filters are also easy to clean, and require no solvents, pressure washers or hot water. 

Committed to a Sustainable Future 

K&N Engineering was born out of an unwavering commitment to zero waste and exceptional performance in every product developed and every service delivered. From product to packaging, air filters are reusable and sustainable in every way. Filters are shipped in corrugate-free, reusable, returnable crates, manufactured from partially recycled materials. 

The company is committed to a more sustainable strategy for data centers and industrial applications, and a more sustainable future for the planet.

Be sure to visit K&N Engineering’s booth #6 in The Hub at PTC’23 to find out more. To learn more about K&N Engineering’s Industrial Group, visit www.knfilters.com/industrial or email us at [email protected].

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