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JSA TV Interview with Colt Technology Services’ Louisa Gregory: How COVID-19 Changed Diversity and Inclusion

In light of the recent events in our world, more businesses are becoming aware of the growing need for diversity in the workplace. The COVID-19 pandemic has left a large effect on businesses, who are facing new challenges relating to diversity and inclusion. João Marques Lima, JSA’s European Media Consultant, sits down with Louisa Gregory, Vice President of Culture, Change and Diversity at Colt Technology Services, to discuss the challenges surrounding diversity and inclusion in today’s corporate world.

The two cover a range of topics related to diversity, from the different pillars of diversity, to what being diverse truly means. Gregory noted that the thinking of “what it means to be diverse and inclusive” has shifted to a much wider notion of diversity.

As for how COVID-19 has impacted diversity and inclusion, Gregory states that the health crisis of the pandemic – along with the multiple social justice movements – have forced many to re-evaluate how we can become more inclusive to others. With mental health taking a steep decline over the last 18 months due to lockdowns, conversations about mental health are changing as well, becoming less stigmatized.

To hear the two discuss these changes and more, watch the full interview below.


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