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JSA TV Featuring DCONGREEN’s Johan Claes: Europe’s Data Centre Journey to be Green by 2030

Sustainability in European data centers has become a growing topic as more action is being taken to make a shift to renewable energy. In this interview, João Marques Lima, JSA’s European Media Consultant, sits down with Johan Claes, owner of DCONGREEN, to discuss the road to sustainability in data centers in Europe, and what the shift to renewable energy entails. 

The two discuss a range of topics related to sustainability, from the role of hyperscales in the shift to renewable energy, to the growing need for data centers to act sustainably beyond consuming green power. Claes explains that with customers now actively demanding sustainable products and services, along with competitors moving towards sustainability, companies are forced to become sustainable in order to survive. 

Claes also explains the biggest mistakes made by colocation providers as they push to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030. He notes that European legislation- such as the European Green Deal- is helping to further sustainable business roadmaps. 

To hear these two discuss the journey to sustainability and more, watch the JSA TV episode in its entirety below. 

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