JSA Kicks Off Its 15th Year by Adding Account Based Marketing to Its Suite of Services

MIDDLEBROOK, Va.Jan. 16, 2020 — Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA), the preeminent provider of public relations, digital marketing and event planning services for the telecom, data center and tech industries, announces today its new Account Based Marketing (ABM) services. This news comes as the company celebrates its 15th-year anniversary at one of the industry’s top global events, PTC ’20 in Honolulu.

“As we celebrate our exciting 15-year milestone, it’s a great time to announce a service we have already found highly impactful for several of our clients this past 8-12 months,” states Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO and Founder of JSA. “On average, we saw a 120% growth in Marketing Qualified Accounts and 80% increase in campaign engagement by deploying our ABM strategies, even in our beta rollout to our select data center and telecom clients. This initial response has made us very excited to further drive qualified lead generation through ABM to our clients in 2020 and beyond.”

And these are not just findings unique to JSA. Alterra Group estimates 97% of marketers achieved higher ROI with ABM as compared to other marketing initiatives.

JSA’s ABM partner Terminus further weighs in. “The Terminus ABM platform was built to support the best-in-class strategies deployed by sophisticated agencies like JSA,” says Dan Griffin, Director of Strategic Alliances, Terminus. “With our robust account intelligence integrations and global account-based ads functionality, our top-tier community of agencies can quickly and easily help clients identify, engage, and close their ideal customers and grow their business fast.”

“In simple terms, ABM is knowing your prospects,” adds Dean Perrine, ABM VP at JSA. “It’s tightly aligning your sales and marketing efforts to define your ideal customer profile, and then targeting a select number of similar prospective accounts that fit this profile. Once identified, JSA researches, qualifies and applies a specific messaging and outreach strategy to those unique accounts or personas. We build, deploy and track campaigns catering to the top decision makers at these named companies. We understand their pain points, and then provide them with educational messaging via multiple channels, using words that matter to them, and ideally at times when they are ready to buy. This approach is logically driving more measurable opportunities and impact on revenue to our clients.”

“JSA’s best fit account targeting not only ensures multi-channel content, delivery and tracking for our clients, but also expanded brand equity, improved marketing budget efficiency, shorter sales cycles and better customer experience once the prospects are signed, turning them quicker into advocates for our clients’ brands,” concludes Ms. Scotto Cutaia.

Find out more on ABM strategies on JSA’s newly launched website, jsa.net.  The new website also features an enhanced online portfolio, customer testimonials, JSA’s complete roster of services; and new for 2020, the calendar of upcoming JSA Virtual Roundtables, which provides a free lunch to viewers’ offices or homes for the first 100 registrants each month.

For more information or a free consultation, email [email protected].

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