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JSA Clients Share How They Celebrate International Data Center Day

Today, March 24, marks International Data Center Day, powered by 7×24 Exchange International! International Data Center Day is designed to create awareness of the data center industry and inspire the next generation of talent. As the preeminent PR, digital marketing and event planning agency for the data center industry, JSA is proud to work with providers that believe in this mission and shape the future landscape of the industry. We’ve highlighted below how some of the top data center companies plan to celebrate #InternationalDataCenterDay.

1623 Farnam | 1623farnam.com

“The edge is a very exciting place for a data center, but most don’t get a front-row seat to that reality every day. To us, International Data Center Day is about celebrating the innovations happening here and spreading the word about the abundance of use cases currently in development in order to inspire tomorrow’s problem solvers. Data centers, in conjunction with cloud and carrier interconnection, are at the core of revolutionary capabilities that transcend individual business verticals, communities and users. Whether it’s IoT, Augmented Reality, Cloud Gaming, 5G or beyond, 1623 Farnam couldn’t be more excited to help amplify the progress this industry is making or the innovations still yet to come.”

365 Data Centers | 365datacenters.com

“In the face of the many disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and individuals alike are becoming increasingly aware of how data centers are crucial to daily life, providing connectivity to data and information worldwide. From a simple internet search to streaming a video to storing data for a large enterprise, it’s essential that these facilities operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. In fact, a recent IDC study predicted that the collective sum of the world’s data will grow from 33 zettabytes this year to a 175ZB by 2025, making data centers an even more vital commodity. 365 Data Centers understands the importance of data centers as it is the company’s lifeblood and factor of success. Therefore, in conjunction with International Data Center Day, 365 is preparing to unveil its sleek and bold revamped website. With refined visuals and improved navigation, the website will better showcase the company’s comprehensive suite of solutions that support the backbone of its data center operations. These services include secure and reliable edge colocation, nationwide network connectivity, cloud compute and storage, and DRaaS. It will also highlight 365’s commitment to customer service with a streamlined client portal and robust resource library to address any client challenges and educate them moving forward. Keep an eye on 365datacenters.com for the official unveiling!”

Ascent, LLC | ascent-corp.com

“As a leading provider of customer-driven solutions in the development, engineering, construction and operations of data centers and critical facilities, Ascent always looks forward to joining the conversation surrounding International Data Center Day! At Ascent, we celebrate this day by sharing information across our social media platforms in order to bring more awareness to the industry and to educate the youth.”

BDx Data Centers | bdxworld.com

“BDx will be celebrating International Data Center Day throughout our facilities in APAC by recognizing the hard-working men and women who have helped drive our success by designing, building, and operating our data centers. With the launch of our highly anticipated Nanjing, China facility on the horizon, BDx will submit virtual tours of our new NKG1 facility, the only data center in Nanjing to receive the Uptime Tier III Design Certification. | BDx is committed to fueling the next generation of talent with the skills they need to embark on a successful career in the data center industry. Our team is happy to work with and mentor students interested in learning more about the exciting world of data centers here in the Asia Pacific region. For more information, contact us at [email protected]. To learn more about BDx locations, colocation services, managed services, and more, visit our website.”

DataBank | databank.com

“DataBank’s Culture is centered around: Confidence-Inspiring, Human-Focused, Data-Centered. We believe it’s the people that make a difference. The facility may be impressive, the technology may be powerful, and the price may be right… but at the end of the day, choosing a data center partner comes down to the people who make it all happen. It’s in this spirit that we are celebrating International Data Center Day by expanding our amazing team. Please check out our job postings and be a part of our stellar company! www.databankcareers.com

DRFortress | drfortress.com

DRFortress is celebrating the recent expansion of our Hawaii data center. As the largest and most interconnected facility in Hawaii, DRFortress can provide colocation space with competitively priced IP, backup, cloud network services, and more. We are committed to meeting our customers’ high power density requirements of up to 18kW per cabinet.

EdgePresence | edgepresence.com

“As an owner and operator of multi-tenant, edge computing PoPs throughout the US, EdgePresence is excited to celebrate International Data Center Day. EdgePresence’s EdgePod data centers are purpose-built edge compute micro data centers designed to include critical power, monitoring, physical security and cooling and support ever-growing bandwidth demand. Anchored at the base of cell towers, enterprise campuses and other on-premise locations, EdgePods serve as a turnkey solution for businesses looking to implement a flexible and dynamic edge strategy. To celebrate International Data Center Day this year, we will be sharing with our community our new video tour of one of our EdgePods, given by our Founder and CEO, Doug Recker. Find it here!”

Involta | involta.com

“To create awareness of the data center industry and inspire the next generation of talent, Involta will turn to our employees’ children on International Data Center Day to inquire what they think their parent does at work. By sparking this conversation, we hope to spur their interest to learn more about the vital data center industry and maybe even pursue a career one day in the future. To check out their responses, visit Involta on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. For more information about Involta, an industry-leading hybrid IT, cloud computing, and data center services company, visit our website.”

NJFX | njfx.net

“NJFX is starting outreach for our summer internship program to celebrate International Data Center Day. Our Site Access Manager, Mike Reverendo, is working with Monmouth University to onboard two interns focused on expanding our security measures and continuing our security accreditation program. As exemplified by the success of Sarah Kurtz, a former intern who is now our Business Development Manager, we know the next generation of talent is out there among the digital natives who are ready to take this industry by storm!”

Stream Data Centers | streamdatacenters.com

We’ll celebrate with a special shout-out (and some special treats) for our dedicated Stream Team members who make procuring, deploying, and operating data centers an exceptional experience for customers. Today and every day, we proactively invest in great people and great facilities in the right markets so our customers have capacity when and where they need it.

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