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Janitza’s Andrew Ruef Talks Data Center Power Monitoring, Renewables… and Smart Ceiling Fans!

Andrew Ruef, Director of Sales and Marketing at Janitza North America, loves to talk renewable energy and tech, at work and at home. For a self-proclaimed tech geek with smart HVAC, lighting, thermostats and even a smart ceiling fan at home, it makes sense that Andrew has made the tech world his career destination, too. 

Starting out as a network analyst — configuring routers and switches, implementing an enterprise-wide WiFi system and more — Andrew moved into the business development world for companies like renewable energy enabler SCADA International. About two years ago, he turned to Janitza, a well-known German power monitoring company that was branching out in various other markets globally.

“Being able to work for a company that keeps me involved in multiple different industries, like semiconductors, data centers and renewables, keeps it exciting and fun. Being able to diversify across different industries is a big appeal for me,” Andrew explained during his Data Movers interview, which published this week. 

Andrew spoke with JSA’s CEO & Founder, Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, and top B2B social media influencer Evan Kirstel about sustainability energy, particularly in the power-hungry data center space. 

“[Renewable energy] is so important, especially for data centers,” Andrew said. “There are lots of good options that data centers have.”

He listed a few, including working with local utilities to understand their renewables uptake, purchasing power directly from a renewable source and experimenting with hydrogen backup power.

Janitza’s power monitoring software, GridVis, provides full visibility into the power distribution in a facility. The software helps data center operators hit sustainability targets, reduce costs and ultimately mitigate failure and downtime. The latest version of the platform, GridVis 8.0, allows clients to not just visually see power usage in their facilities, but also create their own KPIs and customized dashboards. 

To learn more about Janitza and GridVis, listen to the full podcast here.

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