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Archtop Fiber Kingston

It’s Official! Archtop Fiber Launches 100%-Fiber Internet Service in Kingston, NY

Following weeks of successful testing, Archtop Fiber is turning on blazing-fast Internet for customers in the City of Kingston, New York, — and soon in the greater Kingston area.

A half-dozen testers throughout Kingston have enjoyed Archtop’s 2-Gig product with symmetrical speeds up to 2Gbps. In fact, its service leaves competitors in the dust, with twice the download speed and more than 57 times faster upload speeds.

Archtop’s Service Generates Buzz with Stellar Reviews
Excitement continues to build throughout the community as testers give Archtop’s fiber Internet service rave reviews for its incomparable speed and reliability.

“Archtop exceeded my expectations when it comes to speed and reliability. We’ve been promised ‘fast’ Internet before only to be disappointed. After years of dealing with subpar Internet in the area, I am thrilled to have access to this kind of service in my own home,” said Aaron Hatch, an early tester of Archtop’s services. “Everyone who’s come by and logged into the Wi-Fi is impressed. Whether I’m streaming movies or gaming or making video calls, the service is seamless. Archtop is going to open up a lot of doors in this community.”

Members of the Kingston community are invited to check the availability of service through Archtop’s online ordering site, shop.archtopfiber.com. There, residents can enter their address to see if service is available at their location.

The Rollout Continues in Saugerties
Kingston is just the beginning. Archtop Fiber will also be ready in the next few weeks to turn on service for customers in the Town and Village of Saugerties. Beyond Kingston and Saugerties, Archtop Fiber’s rollout plans include multiple markets across New York’s Hudson Valley, including the Town of Ulster, Hurley, Rhinebeck, Stockport, Catskill, Hudson and more.

“The Archtop team has worked relentlessly to fulfill the promise to bridge the digital divide and bring fiber to the Hudson Valley and beyond,” said Jeff DeMond, Chairman and CEO of Archtop Fiber. “To see our efforts coming to fruition in Kingston is truly gratifying and even more exciting than we could have imagined. We’re eager to keep the momentum going and bring the power of fiber Internet to the residents and businesses who have been neglected for far too long.”

To learn more about Archtop Fiber and its planned markets and services, visit www.archtopfiber.com.

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