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ITRenew Drives Transformation of a Global Circular IT Ecosystem at OCP Regional Summit

 Hyperscale for Everyone!

Currently, the global IT industry is responsible for 4% of global emissions and may be on track to double that percentage by 2025, according to industry experts. Today, ITRenew, the world’s leading provider of circular data center solutions to cloud service providers, announced it is leading the global conversation to reverse that damaging trend and drive real changes in the industry, including:

  • Sustainable growth
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Democratized access to integrated, open hardware solutions

ITRenew’s Chief Innovation Officer, Ali Fenn, will address a global audience at the Open Compute Project Regional Summit in Amsterdam on September 26th to present groundbreaking new data in support of ITRenew’s mission to transform the global IT industry by operationalizing circular data centers to unblock markets, maximize sustainability and catalyze financial opportunities and growth.

This ‘hyperscale for everyone’ approach is evident through its Sesame line of compute and storage solutions that brings hyperscale technology to infrastructure buyers everywhere with a transformative reduction in TCO.

“The paradigm shift to a circular data center economy will benefit not only the major hyperscalers with enhanced lifetime value returns, but also the broader universe of cloud service providers and enterprises,” said Aidin Aghamiri, CEO of ITRenew. “This evolution of the global IT ecosystem will essentially level the playing field for data center operators globally, by bringing together the technology, solutions and support essential to making open hardware an accessible reality for all.

In addition to Fenn’s presentation at OCP this month, she will also lead a webinar on the evolution of a global, circular IT ecosystem with real world use cases and action items on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 10:00 AM EST. The webinar will allow time for Q&A from the media and other attendees. Please click here to register, or email for more information. Those who register for the webinar will receive a replay of the recording if unable to attend the live session.


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