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Involta Leads IX Efforts To Unleash Cost-Effective Connectivity in Two Emerging Markets

Involta is delivering on its commitment to bring connectivity where it’s most needed. The company recently launched two non-profit IXs (internet exchanges) to enhance local connectivity and reduce costs. The pair of IXs are located in two of the nation’s most vibrant business communities, Tucson, Arizona, and Boise, Idaho. Both IXs are hosted inside Involta’s data centers to enable cost-effective local connectivity and unite the internet ecosystem.

Introducing the IdahoIX: The Gem State’s First Internet Exchange 

The Idaho Internet Exchange is the first internet exchange in the state. This game-changing initiative unites ISPs, carriers, and content providers. By peering directly and eliminating third-party carriers, the IdahoIX creates a connected community like never before. IdahoIX is dedicated to bridging the digital divide in Boise, a region known for its scenic mountains but challenging connectivity issues. 

Key benefits of the Idaho Internet Exchange include:

  • Cost Efficiency: By enabling direct peering between participants, the Idaho Internet Exchange lowers costs for all stakeholders involved. Reduced reliance on third-party carriers translates to cost savings that can be reinvested in network improvements and expanded services.
  • Strengthened Local Connectivity: The exchange strengthens local internet connectivity, resulting in faster data transfers, reduced latency, and a superior user experience for internet users in Idaho.
  • Community Enhancement: As a community-driven initiative, the Idaho Internet Exchange fosters collaboration and innovation among local internet service providers, carriers, and content providers, ultimately benefiting the entire Idaho community.

“We are proud to bring the first internet exchange to this up-and-coming business hotspot. The Idaho Internet Exchange exemplifies Involta’s innovative approaches and unwavering commitment to the communities we serve and our mission to advance the digital landscape in Boise and throughout Idaho. The IdahoIX creates limitless opportunities for private and public peering, addressing the connectivity challenges posed by this mountainous region.” – Aaron Slotness, Involta’s Director of Network Infrastructure.

A Look at Optics Valley’s Tucson Internet Exchange (TUSIX) 

The Tucson Internet Exchange (TUSIX) is a community-driven initiative that aims to elevate local connectivity and empower businesses and organizations in the region. TUSIX is designed to facilitate local connectivity and collaboration among internet-related organizations in and around Tucson, serving as a strategic hub for them to exchange network traffic.

This enables businesses to peer and exchange their network traffic locally, resulting in several notable benefits, including:

  • Improved Local Performance and Reliability: By keeping local traffic local, TUSIX ensures that data is transmitted more efficiently, resulting in superior performance and reliability.
  • Lower Latency Connections: Reduced latency leads to seamless interactions, faster data transfers, and an enhanced user experience.
  • Cost Savings: Local traffic exchange reduces the need for third-party internet traffic, which cuts costs and minimizes the risk of broken transit connections, ultimately benefiting the region’s businesses.

“Involta is proud to facilitate this vital infrastructure to help support the growth and innovation of Tucson’s businesses. The Tucson Internet Exchange is a collective peering effort designed to create additional internet access points in the Tucson area and exemplifies Involta’s commitment to the region and our unwavering dedication to improved internet connectivity and the most advanced digital solutions available.” – Aaron Slotness, Involta’s Director of Network Infrastructure.

Involta is a leading, enterprise-class IT infrastructure partner that empowers clients to reimagine their worlds through technology. Providing advanced hybrid cloud solutions, superior data center experiences and first-class fiber and connectivity services, Involta offers a distinctive combination of robust technology and rigorous processes underscored by passionate people who truly deliver. 

For more information about these internet exchanges, services available and how to become a participant, please visit www.tusix.net or www.idahoix.net. To learn more about Involta, visit involta.com or follow them on LinkedIn, X or Facebook.

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