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Involta, LLC , through a collaboration with MyndYou Inc. is offering employees a new health screening and general wellness program using MyndYou’s virtual health coach and AI-based voice analysis solutions.  The program will help Involta employees monitor and detect changes in their health and, subsequently, their ability to work. The goal of the program is to ensure the overall health of Involta’s employees and maintain mission-critical applications for Involta clients during this battle with COVID-19 and beyond.  

In this program—which is currently operating in a pilot phase—Involta employees are receiving consistent check-in calls from MyndYou’s virtual health coach and voice bot, MyEleanor. Brain-driven voice analytics work in the background of each call to detect subtle changes in the employee’s health. Insights and analytics from the calls will be delivered directly to the employees when a change is detected, informing and empowering them with new insights into their health.

“Employee health is essential to our business performance.  We are excited to be participating in the MyndYou program to discover new preventative measures that support employee health and wellness, and ultimately enable us to deliver on our brand promise of Operational Excellence.” – Jim Buie, Involta President.

While this collaboration approaches employee wellness from a broad perspective, its timely launch around COVID-19 gives Involta the opportunity to help its employees self-screen for the virus and stay on top of their mental and physical health.  COVID-19 screening questions are incorporated into the check-in calls with MyEleanor as a way of drawing attention to symptoms and providing guidance when needed. Ultimately, this collaboration is aimed at promoting health within the Involta workforce, whether related to COVID-19, preexisting chronic conditions, or the countless other needs that MyndYou’s engagement and voice analytics solutions can support.

“This collaboration is at the forefront of employee wellness initiatives, and we see many creative opportunities to grow with Involta to help them support their employees’ long-term health and well-being—especially now, when the need to take care of employees and their families is so important.” – Ruth Poliakine Baruchi, CEO and co-founder of MyndYou.

Involta and its employee community will use MyndYou’s analytics-driven engagement solutions to help promote personal health and wellness within the workforce.

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