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Introducing Tahoe Network Infrastructure: Changing the Face of Rural and Underserved Connectivity

The story of bridging our long-standing digital divide with robust network infrastructure is a well-known one. Today, however, a new entity emerges and begins to rewrite the narrative of connectivity in rural and underserved America. 

Tahoe Network Infrastructure is a consumer-minded network service provider partnering with rural and underserved communities to construct tailored, private fiber optic networks that meet evolving connectivity demands. 

This company, which officially announced its launch today, is committed to aligning with communities in the Midwest and beyond (its service area can be found here) to extend both dark and lit fiber to business, enterprise, healthcare, and government customers. The company offers 100 years of combined experience, alongside strong industry relationships and deep insight from serving an array of customers, including school districts, cities, municipalities and major carriers like AT&T and Zayo.

While Tahoe is primarily focused on delivering fiber-based Wide Area Networks (WANs) to school districts leveraging the FCC’s E-Rate program, the company’s network and internet services also empower carriers, government municipalities and enterprise businesses. To further advance the development of crucial public-private networks, promote local economic development and enrich local communities, Tahoe is also looking to partner with electric utility cooperatives and municipally owned power companies. 

The Chairman and CEO of Tahoe is Greg Green, former CEO and current board member and equity holder at FatBeam, a business-to-business provider of reliable fiber-based network solutions. This industry leader brings with him a proven history of business-building success — and a knack for cultivating corporate cultures that are rooted in strong values and provide enjoyable experiences to both customers and employees. In fact, Green helped FatBeam secure three consecutive recognitions in the ‘Best Places to Work Inland Northwest’ awards, as well as three Inc. 5000 awards. 

“Forging deep partnerships with key elements of these markets — utilities, schools and municipal organizations — helps us get to the heart of these communities and build true enablement from the ground up,” comments Greg Green, Chairman and CEO of Tahoe Network Infrastructure. “I’m grateful to expand upon the story that began — and continues — at FatBeam regarding the development of underserved communities through robust fiber broadband. I’m thrilled to support that initiative as an equity holder and board member at FatBeam while also taking that inspiration to an entirely new region that needs these vital services. Furthermore, I’m honored to be able to accomplish this with a great investment partner, industry leader and friend Ted Mocarski at my side.”

“It’s hard to find good fiber infrastructure investments, but if you can find one like Tahoe and combine it with Greg’s history of success, you want to get out in front of it as an equity holder,” comments Ted Mocarski, Senior Partner at Novacap. “I’m very pleased to ally myself with Tahoe and Greg — and with the company’s ‘partnerships over transactions’ style — to support the development of much-needed network connectivity.”

To learn more, please visit www.tahoeni.com, or read the company’s launch press release here

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