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DartPoints Announces MDR

Introducing DartPoints’ Enhanced MDR Cybersecurity Solution

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and more complex. The arena of cybersecurity moves so fast, and there is so much to be aware of. Maybe you’re cognizant of what a password attack is, or ransomware, or malware. But how about botnets, cryptojacking, or spoofing? Is your organization ready to handle things you’ve never heard of, like zero-day, drive-by, or birthday attacks? How about eavesdropping, tunneling, and trojan horsing? Are you ready for SQL injecting, disk TL plumbing, or P9 farming? The list of cyberattack tactics is long and growing. There’s brute forcing, whale-phishing, and latch key hunting. There’s man-in-the-middle, hedgehog paw, and watering hole. There’s also XSS, DDoS, and TKISP. When it comes to cybersecurity, there is so much to know. So much, in fact, that you didn’t even realize that several of the cyberattacks listed above are fake (try to guess which ones). 

For organizations in high-risk industries like finance, government, education, or healthcare that don’t have their own security operations center, cybersecurity discussions like the one above can be scary. There are compliance, standard, or framework requirements to worry about, and so many areas to monitor. There are system, network, application, and transmission levels that all require security, and the stakes are high. With hundreds of different providers and tools available, it can be difficult to know which direction to go in. Which cybersecurity solutions should you use, and how many different cybersecurity partners should you have? It’s all a hazy maze for business leaders. 

DartPoints is aiming to address this issue with their latest announcement: an updated managed detection and response (MDR) product that combines a variety of vendors and technologies into one comprehensive solution. “Executives know they need a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy, but increasingly, they don’t have the in-house resources to make that happen,” explains DartPoints CTO Brad Alexander. 

The goal of DartPoints’ endeavor is to combine all the best-in-class cybersecurity approaches into one comprehensive solution that keeps your endpoints, network, cloud, and SaaS applications safe. The new and improved MDR offering includes security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), and extended detection and response (XDR) into a single solution with support and monitoring. Amongst a growing, complex list of threats and a market overflowing with options, Dartpoints is banking on an overarching solution that covers all bases—even the ones that don’t exist (yet).

To read more about Dartpoints MDR product, click here.

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