infra/STRUCTURE Summit Returns to Toronto: Where Cloud Meets Data Center and Hyperscale Meets Edge

Structure Research’s infra/STRUCTURE, one of the industry’s most popular events, is just around the corner, and this year, it’s expected to be bigger than ever! Held September 14-15 at Vantage Venues in Toronto, affectionately known as Hollywood North, this not-to-be-missed event is filled with a star-studded lineup of top industry pros, set to deliver impactful content to an audience of global decision-makers.


After a pandemic hiatus, this event returns to its original live format, where unmatched networking opportunities are combined with fun, unique experiences against the backdrop of third-party research and data, along with perspectives from leading industry minds.

What’s more, as an exclusive media event partner, JSA is offering its clients and extended community the chance to attend at a discounted rate! For more on that keep reading or click here now! 

As a media partner, JSA’s EVP of Account Strategy and Partnerships, Buffy Harakidas, sat down with Structure Research’s Founder and Managing Director, Philbert Shih, for a Q&A to give our readers a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect at this highly anticipated two-day summit.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into all you need to know about infra/STRUCTURE, including a sneak peek of exciting new sessions and experiences added for this year’s back-to-live edition. 


Phil, thanks for joining us! For those who may not know, can you share a little back story on infra/Structure and what makes the event so unique?

We conceived infra/STRUCTURE just as legacy events that had served the sector in previous years were failing and then folding. The sector was entering a major transition phase and in light of that, the theme at our inaugural event was The New World Order. Our argument was that hyperscale was going to take its place at the centre of the ecosystem, but that infrastructure service providers could and should be a part of the value chain, while still pursuing adjacent segments that are still growing and expanding on a global basis.

Internet infrastructure and the conferences that people attend tend to be siloed and focused. They have a revolving door of the same people and often the same conversation goes on for year after year. Our goal was to break that cycle and bring together a unique mix of decision-makers from across the ecosystem. No more silos, new and interesting faces, young and up-and-coming companies, global participation and interesting and harder-hitting conversations. And of course, we wanted our independent research to provide the backdrop with insights and data. This is truly meant to be an executive summit for decision-makers and those with a stake in the business. We want to spark debate, strategize and think about the future. For lack of a better term, we want to be the “grown-up” event. But we also do know how to have a bit of fun when it is all said and done!


How has the mission of the event transformed since being founded in 2018?

The mission is largely the same since we founded the event: to host the go-to annual summit that brings together decision-makers from across the Internet infrastructure ecosystem to discuss the state of the market and chart a course for the future. The show is about quality over quantity and provides a unique mix of attendees that facilitates collaboration and sharing, while providing a venue for getting business done. The show is about and built for operating service providers and they attend on a complimentary basis.


This event is years in the making, how has the conversation evolved since postponing in 2020?

A lot has changed since 2020 to say the least! We started talking about decentralization and edge back in 2019 and many of the things that were more conceptual at the time are now very much real. Happening alongside the shift to edge is a rapid globalization of the market. Infrastructure operators are looking for growth opportunities around the world and they are only starting to scratch the surface of what promises to be a long-term opportunity. These dynamics are at the heart of how the conversation at our summit continues to evolve: decentralization and globalization.


Who would benefit most from attending? 

Our summit attracts three types of attendees: 1) infrastructure service provider operating executives and owners; 2) investors, lenders, M&A advisors and real estate entities; and 3) technology vendors that support infrastructure service providers. Anybody with a stake in the ecosystem and an interest in gaining insights on the direction of the market would benefit from attending.


What can a first time attendee expect to gain as key-takeaways from attending? 

Great networking opportunities, valuable content and access to independent third party research and data sets. Plus, you get to enjoy Canada before winter comes!


Can you share a sneak peek of any exciting new sessions or experiences added this year?

Our Head of Research Jabez Tan is launching a new report on the hyperscale self-build market. The extent to which hyperscalers self-build data centres is a critical issue that will shape the total addressable market. Understanding what is happening around self-builds and what the numbers look like will support sound decision-making for operating executives. We have sessions that will delve into this data along with others that highlight our deep-dive research into core data centre and hyperscale markets around the world. On top of this, there is a great slate of panels that features c-level decision-makers from across the ecosystem. Jabez’s self-build presentation happens right as we kick off the agenda at 2pm on the first day, so it will be worthwhile to be on time for the show!


Are there any special deals for our JSA community? 

Yes! Join us to engage in a conversation about the future of infrastructure services at an exclusive JSA rate of 20% off! 


Thanks, Phil, for providing us with a preview of one of the world’s most famed infrastructure industry events. For more details and to register with JSA’s special discount, click here!


We’ll see you in Toronto!


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