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Archtop Fiber Broadband

Industry Visionaries Form Archtop Fiber to Address Broadband Disparity Across the Northeast

Archtop Fiber, a newly founded provider of symmetrical multi-gig, fiber Internet and phone service, recently announced its leadership team, initial market strategy and capital partnership. Headquartered in Kingston, New York, Archtop was formed by a team of well-known industry thought leaders, former colleagues and long-time friends. They are dedicated to their mission: to create a world-class, multi-gig broadband service provider that brings fast, reliable, environmentally friendly and affordable Internet access to underserved and overlooked markets across a 100%-fiber XGS PON network. 

The band is back together. With multiple successes in developing broadband businesses, Archtop Fiber’s leadership team includes Jeff DeMond as Chairman and CEO, Lenny Higgins as President and COO, Shawn Beqaj as Chief Development Officer and Diane Quennoz as Chief Customer Officer. Post Road Group, a digital infrastructure and real estate investment platform, plans to invest up to $350 million in the company to accelerate fiber expansion throughout New York’s Hudson Valley and beyond to reach over 500,000 homes and businesses across the region. 

“Archtop will be the long-awaited ‘shot in the arm’– not just as the best broadband Internet service provider for homes and local businesses, but as a true community member and partner, says Jeff DeMond, Chairman and CEO of Archtop Fiber. “We have always been an invested creator of jobs, a catalyst for economic growth and a corporate partner with a passion for ‘leaning in’ wherever needed.”

To learn more about Archtop Fiber and their services, visit www.archtopfiber.com. For the full press release, click here.

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