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Industrial Air Filters from K&N Boost Savings and Sustainability

Industrial Air Filters from K&N Boost Savings and Sustainability

The importance of proper air filtration for data centers cannot be overstated. Dust buildup can cause fan failures, overheating, and – in the worst cases – costly service interruptions. Dirty air filters also reduce operational efficiency and increase energy consumption and costs. In order to maintain clean and flowing air, air filters must be cleaned and changed frequently.

Single-use, disposable air filters are the norm in data centers. They are less energy efficient than more sustainable options, equating to increased energy usage and higher costs for data center operators in materials, labor and power. Increased energy outputs also add to higher carbon footprints, which are urgent concerns in the data center industry as it shifts toward more sustainable practices. Currently, the data center industry contributes to roughly 2.4 percent of global energy consumption annually.

Unfortunately, disposable air filters are commonly used and replaced pieces of equipment without a recycling solution. Disposable filters end up in landfills across the globe, where the filter media, cardboard and metal components pile up and release greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. On average, a 100 MW data center uses enough disposable filters each year to cover three football fields, and North American data centers contribute an estimated 60,000 tons of filter waste to landfills every year. 

In 2020, K&N recognized that providers of mission-critical infrastructure, including data centers and other industrial applications, lacked a sustainable air filtration alternative. In response, the company created the first reusable, washable air filters designed for performance, savings, and sustainability.  K&N Engineering’s proprietary air filtration technology is as sustainable as it gets with zero waste for 15+ years and shipped in corrugate-free, reusable, returnable crates, which are manufactured from partially recycled materials. 

K&N Engineering was born out of an unwavering commitment to zero waste and exceptional performance in every product developed and every service delivered. The company is committed to a more sustainable strategy for data centers and industrial applications, and a more sustainable future for the world. 

You can replace several years’ worth of disposable filters with just one K&N Engineering industrial air filter. This comes at a time when total landfill capacity is reaching its peak. The Waste Business Journal predicts, as of 2021, that only 15 years of landfill capacity will remain, though estimates could be much lower in some areas.

Industrial air filters produced by K&N Engineering are not only created with sustainability in mind, but also designed for the highest level of quality in the data center – tested to ensure filtration efficiency for reduced energy consumption and outstanding performance with high airflow and low restriction. For a 100-MW facility, the increased efficiency could generate an estimated $1 million in energy cost savings per year.

Labor is required when using non-reusable air filters, with time and effort required to dispose of filters each time they are changed. The washable and reusable filters made by K&N Engineering are easy to clean and require no cleaning solvents, pressure washers or hot water. They wash easily, dry quickly and need only minimal cleaning every two years. K&N Engineering’s reusable filters reduce total cost of ownership and decrease labor costs associated with installing and replacing single-use air filters.

Ready to find out how to improve air filtration performance in your data center or mission-critical facility? Visit  https://www.knfilters.com/industrial to learn more.

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