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iM Pittsburgh HPC

iM Critical’s Sustainable, HPC-Capable Pittsburgh Colo Achieves Award Recognition

The push for high performance computing (HPC) capabilities is flowing in from all over — whether it’s universities, healthcare institutions, oil & gas companies or others, everyone stands to benefit from pushing big data sets through fast computing systems. Still, this requires high-density data center space availability, and finding that mission-critical asset in the areas where it’s most needed isn’t always possible. 

iM Critical, a data center and IT services company shaping the future of IT infrastructure, is solving this issue in a major market where HPC is taking off: Pittsburgh. In fact, the company’s uber-sustainable, high-performance, modular colocation solutions have won them a spot as a finalist in the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s 2022 Tech 50 list. 

The company’s flagship 10MW Pittsburgh data center (slated for availability in Q4 2022) creates a dedicated response to the growing mission-critical needs in this hub — requirements that are  often constrained by a lack of optimal data centers. In doing so, iM Critical is empowering the exponentially increasing demands for high-performance computing (HPC) environments in this burgeoning tech market. 

“Pittsburgh is where we are planting the flag for iM Critical’s modular HPC data centers. As a company that’s innately focused on being a pillar of the communities where its facilities reside, we’re honored to be recognized as a finalist for this award by the Pittsburgh Technology Council,” comments Michael Roark, CEO of iM Critical. “We’re thrilled to be a source of support for Pittsburgh’s HPC community, offering lower Power Usage Effectiveness ratios (PUEs) in the data center, along with on-site renewables, a host of monitored sustainability metrics, and more to help organizations reconcile increased demand for both power and eco-consciousness.”

This recognition does more than highlight the ability of iM Critical’s solutions to meet the needs of the market — it cements its status as a key technology innovator in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Customers of iM Critical’s colocation will enjoy full-stack IT services in a six nines environment. Plus, the company’s technologies and innovative construction methods deliver groundbreaking HPC options for customer initiatives across IoT, cybersecurity, 5G, smart city, academic research and beyond. By provisioning 

This Pittsburgh facility, along with the company’s other data center and enterprise-class connectivity hub in Miami, provide uniquely modular, efficient, scalable and sustainability-focused solutions alongside robust space power and connectivity. This is revolutionizing the way data centers are consumed for the future of high-intensity workloads and business goals. 

The finalists will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at the 26th Tech 50 Awards ceremony in Pittsburgh. 

To read this press release in its entirety, click here. To learn more about iM Critical’s Pittsburgh campus, click here or take the flyover now

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