iM Miami Data Center

iM Critical Delivers Unconstrained Space and Power in Sustainable Miami Data Center

If we want to ensure that game-changing, next-generation applications can thrive and deliver valuable opportunities to a host of verticals, one of the most important things we can do is provide the right infrastructure. In growing tech hubs like Miami, the thirst for innovation is never in short supply — unfortunately, space and power sometimes are. When we look at empowering AI, HPC or ML applications, what’s needed is a robust Miami data center — and the need to make that data center sustainable is another wrinkle. Or is it? 

Data center pioneers at iM Critical, a data center and IT services company shaping the future of IT infrastructure, have just changed the game in traditionally constrained markets with the announcement of availability in its new Miami facility. This facility, which delivers robust, well-connected, unconstrained and eco-conscious IT infrastructure (50,000 square feet and 5MW of it today with more in the future), is the blueprint for how tomorrow’s technology will be supported today. 

iM Miami Data CenterTo start, the site’s power (fed from two utility substations) and expandable power infrastructure are also augmented by on-site renewable energy sources. Like the company’s recently unveiled Pittsburgh campus, this Miami data center is driven by iM’s core commitment to leadership in environmentally conscious and sustainable IT practices. As a result, customers can easily address one of their most pressing technological mandates: combating climate change with sustainable, energy-efficient data center operations. 

“Our Pittsburgh announcement was only the first step for us in our mission of shaping the future of data centers to be more attuned to and impactful for demands across edge, sustainability, IT outsourcing, intelligent and innovative data center philosophies, and more,” states Michael Roark, CEO of iM Critical. “This Miami location has the potential to remove many barriers for organizations within this metro, allowing for unimpeded growth across space, power, connectivity — and environmental consciousness. Of course, these digitally transformative offerings are supported by our high-touch service and our team’s high degree of experience in designing, engineering, building, owning, and operating data centers. We’re thrilled to be bringing this game-changing location to market.”  

Of course, this mecca in Miami delivers all the best of data center offerings, residing above the 100+ year flood plain and outside of hurricane evacuation zones, offering high floor load capacity and 13’8’’ clear ceiling heights. The location is also richly connected to meet and exceed customers’ demands for data agility and mobility, offering diverse fiber entrances with direct, carrier-neutral interconnection to dozens of peers and a direct public cloud on-ramp. 

Scalable retail and wholesale colocation options are available to customers, bolstered by a 24/7 onsite Network Operations Center, disaster recovery suites, and full-stack IT managed services to boot. These include valuable advantages like managed servers, storage, and networking with private and hybrid cloud aaS. iM also delivers an array of cyber security offerings.

To learn more about how iM Critical’s Miami campus is rewriting the story on next-gen tech, click here to read the full press release.

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