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iM Pittsburgh Award

iM Critical Celebrates Pittsburgh Award Recognition, Clinching Title of Most Innovative Start-Up

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a market that for some time has presented a bit of a quandary for technological innovation. This locale is at once a technology-rich, compute-hungry hub of progress and a market that has been plagued by a persistent gap in appropriate critical infrastructure. The digital transformations taking shape here have desperately needed robust data center environments that can keep them on track — while catering to all of the most pressing IT mandates of our day (hello sustainability, edge computing, IT outsourcing and high-performance computing). 

iM Critical, a data center and IT services company shaping the future of IT infrastructure, has not only proved that it can fill this gap with game-changing IT services and robust mission-critical facilities — it’s already achieved award-winning status. iM Critical was recently proud to announce its recognition with a 2022 Tech 50 award from the Pittsburgh Technology Council for the most innovative start-up. With this honor, which was awarded to the top company in each of 10 categories, iM Critical underscores its role as a crucial resource within this rapidly growing, technology-rich Pittsburgh market.

“We are thrilled to be recognized in this way in Pittsburgh, aka Silicon Valley East — the market where iM Critical began our journey delivering sustainably minded, scalable, high-performance computing platforms. We’re honored to be highlighted among a group of such fantastic innovators,” says Michael Roark, CEO of iM Critical. “Our unique breed of plug-and-play IT ecosystems, built with all the most pressing IT mandates in mind, offer a truly advantageous space for growth and innovation across healthcare, academic research, AI, IoT, smart cities, and more in an HPC-hungry location. We’re proud to support this incredible market with next-gen sustainability and robust, versatile solutions as it continues on its technological trajectory.”

The company’s flagship 10MW modular data center campus in Pittsburgh was built to provide a purpose-built response to mission-critical needs of the marketplace, and presents particular advantages to HPC applications. The company’s full-stack IT solutions and six-nines environment empower crucial deployment densification and promote efficiencies for supercomputing requirements (plus sustainability to boot), for innovations across a range of use cases and industries. In addition to owning and operating data centers, the company factory builds modular, highly efficient, scalable, customizable, and sustainability-focused solutions to revolutionize the way data centers are consumed for the future of high-intensity workloads and business goals. 

To learn more about iM Critical’s Pittsburgh facility, click here. To read this press release in its entirety, click here

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