Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice and...Data Centers? JSA TV Interview with Verne Global CTO Tate Cantrell

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice and…Data Centers? JSA TV Interview with Verne Global CTO Tate Cantrell 

You may have heard Iceland called “The Land of Fire and Ice” due to its volcanic activity and cold climate, but did you know that Iceland also has a thriving data center market? According to Joao Marques Lima’s recent interview with Tate Cantrell of Verne Global, Iceland is uniquely positioned to support a number of data centers, making them a key player in the global market. 

Iceland is home to 100% renewable energy, making it a very attractive location for power-hungry data centers. And while some would claim that the presence of volcanic activity on the Nordic island makes it a risky place to house a data center, where a disaster would prove catastrophic, Verne Global’s Chief Technology Officer Tate Cantrell, disagrees. In the interview, he explains how the presence of renewable energy sources allows for almost limitless scalability opportunities and low cost power. This, Cantrell notes, makes Iceland an extremely attractive destination for data centers, and explains the presence of Verne Global.

Aside from sustainability, Verne Global specifically has managed to harness the power of multiple subsea cable routes. Cantrell describes how many high speed subsea routes terminate at their facility, which has made them a major hub in the area. Additionally, the IRIS cable system will be completed next year, providing a direct connection between Verne Global and Dublin, which will provide extremely low latency connections to the East.

To learn more about the unique benefits of data centers in Iceland, Tate Cantrell’s fascinating background and how Verne Global is positioned as a High Capacity Computing provider, watch the interview in its entirety below. 

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