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The Opportunity

Hyperscale Technology for Everyone – Data Center Providers Unite 

The Data is Out!

As part of its mission to deliver a global circular IT ecosystem,  ITRenew, is teaming up with tech and data center organizations to drive real change globally. The company has a call to arms for hyperscalers to invest in enabling, and for downstream markets to take advantage of opportunities and demand circular products. There is immense power in pooling talent, resources and efforts to ITRenew Hyperscale for everyonedrive changes for sustainable growth, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and democratized access to integrated, open hardware solutions.  Enter Hyperscale Technology for Everyone. Today, at the Open Compute Project Regional Summit in Amsterdam, ITRenew Chief Innovation Officer, Ali Fenn presented the keynote address sharing how circular is poised to drive up to 24% gains in sustainability and TCO. In the session, Operationalizing a Global, Circular IT Industry is Both Our Opportunity and Imperative”, Fenn presented groundbreaking new data that demonstrated the urgency to leverage a circular data center economy, while scaling the industry’s collective IT hardware infrastructure.

Fenn also shared key insights and explained why the global industry needs to take notice and take action. “While, today’s technology is amazing, we all love it – it has a cost, a big one.”

Significant trends include: 

  • Data centers powering AI could account for 10% of global electricity demands by 2025 (MIT)
  • CO2 emissions of digital increased by 450m tons since 2013 in OECD countries, while globally, overall CO2 emissions decreased by 250 tons over the same period. (Shift Project)
  • 2016 ewaste = 49m tons, growing to 57 millions tons in 2021 (United Nations University)
  • Opportunity for as much as 24% in net CO2E savings and 24% in system TCO savings

You can hear the rest of the story and learn more at the upcoming Webinar and Q&A: 

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What:  ITRenew Webinar and Media Q&A

            “Unlocking the Power of Circular Data Centers”

            Ali Fenn, Chief Innovation Officer at ITRenew

When:  Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

         10:00AM – 11:00AM ET

*Registered participants will be emailed a recording if they are unable to attend the live session on October 1st.

For more information, visit www.itrenew.com. Follow the latest on Twitter and LinkedIn


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