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Hylan Demonstrates Dedication to 5G Innovation

New Partnership with New Yorkers for 5G Strengthens Commitment to Next-Gen Solutions

5G has been all the rage in the industry for a while now, and as infrastructure builds continue and technology companies begin promising 5G capabilities, efforts to enable the next generation network must continue at full force. That is why Hylan has partnered with New Yorkers for 5G, a coalition dedicated to reinforcing the idea that 5G capability is paramount to the state’s economic well being. 

New Yorkers for 5G was formed to educate residents, businesses, and decision makers about the need to provide online access in every corner of the state while laying the groundwork for next-generation connectivity — 5G. In light of the pandemic, it has become clear that connectivity should be treated as a right rather than a privilege, and the digital divide has never been more apparent. Most of our lives from work to school and even non-emergency medical services are migrating to an online format, making fast and reliable connections a necessity.

“We welcome Hylan to our coalition, as the company is a significant addition to the growing number of organizations and individuals embracing next-generation connectivity in New York,” says New Yorkers for 5G spokeswoman Caitlin Brookner. “We are working collectively to strengthen the state’s economy and create a brighter future for millions of families, communities and businesses. We hope more companies will follow Hylan’s lead and join the effort.”

As a telecommunications infrastructure construction company, Hylan is well-versed in 5G builds making them a valuable partner for New Yorkers for 5G. Partnering with private companies and government agencies and collaborating with top carriers to upgrade wireless infrastructure and existing deployments, Hylan Datacom & Electrical has installed more than 10,000 small cell nodes in the tristate area. “These important installations are key to densifying networks in preparation for 5G,” says John DiLeo, Hylan Datacom & Electrical president. 

“Hylan is thrilled to become a member of New Yorkers for 5G at such a pivotal time,” states Robert Bianco, vice president of business development at Hylan. “High-speed online access is more important than ever before, and it is crucial that today’s connectivity investments lay the foundation for even greater advances tomorrow.”

To learn more about Hylan, go to www.hylan.com. To learn more about New Yorkers for 5G, go to www.nyersfor5g.com.

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