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Hylan Announces Partnership with Sitetracker to Allow Rapid Scaling

Hylan announced today its new partnership with Sitetracker, a powerful management tool that streamlines business functions. By reducing bottlenecks associated with project tracking, closeout and reporting Hylan will be able to scale their business more efficiently. Hylan will use the following Sitetracker tools:

  • Hylan will use the Sitetracker Platform to achieve operational efficiencies, which will enable their next phase of growth and empower their workforce. 
  • Sitetracker to Sitetracker Integrations will enable Hylan to efficiently connect with their customers and vendors to share information and accelerate project completion. 
  • Hylan regards Sitetracker as critical to seizing the opportunities in the greatest expansion of communications infrastructure in history.

Growth is a priority for Hylan, and as they continue to scale and consider M&A opportunities in the future, they see the value in operating off of a single, cloud-based system. With industry-leading capabilities such as trackers, efficient closeout with automated document generation, out-of-the-box reporting and dashboarding, and a powerful mobile app, Hylan will be able to get jobs done faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever.

“We are participating in the greatest expansion of communications infrastructure in history,” says Joe Cecin, Hylan CEO. “To seize this opportunity, Hylan is proud to select the Sitetracker Platform to improve operational efficiencies and enable our next phase of rapid growth.”

“With our strong growth and acquisitions in the near future, we needed a way to standardize and streamline our operations,” said Robert Bianco, Vice President of Business Development at Hylan. “We know that leading companies are switching to innovative cloud-based technology to help them grow. We chose Sitetracker because it is the industry standard for telecom project management. We trust their expertise and look forward to joining the connected Sitetracker ecosystem directly through their unique Sitetracker to Sitetracker Integration.” 

View full announcement here

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