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Data Movers Podcast: How To Break Into The IT Sector with NFINIT’s Denis Savage

IT job searchSo you want to get a job in a data center. What should you know? What should you do? What’s your best angle for an IT job search? In the latest episode of Data Movers, NFINIT’s Vice President of Operations, Denis Savage, shares some tips about how newcomers to the IT industry should approach their career preparation.

Savage has enjoyed a long career in the IT sector, including serving as Director of Network Engineering at a major multinational data center brand Zayo before his current role at NFINIT, a San Diego-based IT solutions provider. Though he started in technical engineering roles, his job now involves mostly leading projects and managing teams. This background affords Savage unique insight for young aspiring IT professionals. In fact, Savage even served several years as a professor for IT certification courses.

In the Data Movers episode launched this week with hosts Jaymie Cutaia and Evan Kirstel, Savage covers many topics – the importance of documentation of organizational processes, the pros and cons of siloed company departments, and even his background in sports and gaming. Some of the most actionable insights he shared on the podcast were pieces of advice for those looking to get into, or a leg up in, the industry. In regard to knowledge base, Savage says the most vital subject to learn is cybersecurity.

“Everything starts and ends with security. If we come with a security framework in mind and we have the idea that it’s going to be prevalent in everything we do, then that can filter down to the rest of the organization. The first thing I would tell anybody in the business is to come with a security focus. It doesn’t matter if you’re in networks. It doesn’t matter if you’re in systems. It should be the same because then we’re bringing that strategy always forward.”

Concerning attitude, Savage shares that what he wants to see in an interviewee is passion and curiosity.

“I’m looking for someone who has an eagerness and a willingness to learn. Essentially, an energy that’s apparent, sitting on the edge of their seat, their engagement level. In this particular industry, understanding that I may not know the next technology to come out, we’re going to have to figure it out and we’re going to have to learn that technology. So having that learning as a primary trait and the energy to do it is so important to me.” 

Another trait Savage looks for is communication skills.

“Communication is in everything we do – talking to customers and talking to our internal teams. I want to make sure that new employees have that awareness to communicate effectively and speak intelligently about something in layman’s terms. If you can take an IT concept that’s more challenging and break it down into smaller steps that anybody can get, that will be key for me in the hiring process.” 

To hear more of Savage’s advice, including what concepts from ice hockey he applies to his IT job, check out the full interview here. Visit www.nfinit.com to learn more about NFINIT, and follow the team on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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