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How Radical IT Sustainability is Built: Don’t Miss Discussion with Industry Luminaries

Here’s a truth we can no longer ignore: Data storage and IT infrastructure has a direct relationship with energy consumption and carbon footprints. As one grows, the other follows suit. Still, even as we consider our digital era’s effects on global environments, there is no going in reverse. We can’t de-escalate our dependence on technology — so, what can we do to continue our forward momentum while reducing our impact on the environment?

Responsibility, communication and collaboration among data centers and other infrastructure providers are our most promising tactics for helping IT align with sustainability. Data centers are, and will likely always be, a foundational element of our connected world. Recognizing the responsibility these entities hold when it comes to protecting the planet and our future generations — and coming together to solve this challenge creatively with innovation — is where change begins. 

As this conversation grows, finding ways to adapt, innovate, and measure sustainability (and the progress we’re making towards it) is critical. 

In an effort to leave no stone unturned in this pursuit of green data, leaders from Google, Salute Mission Critical, Virtual Power Systems, and Kohler Data Centers are sitting down to deliver a Virtual Roundtable:  Degrees of Green: Evolutionary & Revolutionary Approaches to Data Center Sustainability. Taking place on January 13 at 5PM ET, this event welcomes attendees to a discussion that will examine:

  • The evolutionary practices that have helped us develop green-ness in our IT infrastructure to date
  • The revolutionary new technologies that will help cultivate radical changes in data center sustainability 
  • How we can measure our success to ensure our digital dependence does not damage global ecological health

Interested in becoming part of the biosphere of forward-thinking designers, operators, equipment manufacturers, and industry thought leaders collaborating on one of the most pressing challenges of our rapidly digitizing world? 

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