How Networks Power the Low-Latency Applications of the Future with Telia Carrier’s Chief Evangelist

When it comes to network connectivity and delivery of a seamless online multiplayer gaming experience, it’s quite literally do-or-die for developers looking to attract and retain a high player count.  Though individual experience depends on the internet speed an end-user has subscribed to, low-latency connections and a strong backbone network are still critical for providing an optimal experience.  And although no actual lives are on the line when it comes to connectivity, it can have strong implications for everyday work and play. According to Mattias Fridström, Telia Carrier’s Chief Evangelist, assessing the critical needs of your connectivity is one of the steps towards realizing the efficiency and true robustness a network can provide when it comes to cloud, content delivery, enterprise collaboration, and cloud gaming, as this example implies.

“What these enterprise companies need to start to think about is what type of criticality do they have. Not everything can be critical,” Fridström said during his recent visit to JSA TV. “Gamers for example,  if you have bad latency, you might die [in the game], but for other types of traffic it’s not as important. People need to think about what they need to protect and what can work best.”

In his latest sit down with JSA’s Dean Perrine, Fridström focused in on the topic of the role networks play in accessing emerging technologies and shared how Telia Carrier’s network is already enabling many of these applications. From optimizing networks for zero downtime to cloud-enabled technologies like IaaS, SaaS and virtualization, Fridström explains how your internet connection is a key component of accessing emerging technologies and address how networks will evolve to meet future bandwidth and latency demands. Listen to the whole interview now:

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