NetSapiens Fastest-Growing UCaaS

How NetSapiens Built North America’s Fastest-Growing UCaaS Platform

The market for UCaaS has been in a flurry of growth recently as global organizations look to incorporate powerful tools and platforms for increasingly remote teams. As enterprises shift to remote setups and become increasingly distributed, employees need to be able to access their work (and their fellow team members) on their own terms — wherever they are in the world. It’s unmistakable: Digital business needs to thrive on a foundation of unprecedented agility, mobility and reliability. 

When this knock came, NetSapiens (award-winning B2B provider of Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions to service providers) was already at the door, ready to answer with a UCaaS delivery philosophy that disrupts and reimagines — and services to make that commitment a reality. Now, NetSapiens is the third-party platform vendor with the fastest growth rate in the North American market, currently ranked #4 by UCaaS seats. Here’s how they did it:

Give the People What they Want

It might seem obvious, but in the pursuit of market share, some providers can lose sight of one key element: The customer wants to be heard, understood and offered a solution that makes their lives easier, not more complex. Giving users what they want begins with knowing what it is that they need. Ultimately, success takes empathy. 

Especially in a world where needs evolve at a breakneck pace, truly understanding the market and the businesses within it makes all the difference in customer experiences and outcomes. This is why NetSapiens believes disruption should only be ‘disruptive’ in name, not nature — and it has built a model to suit. After all, if innovative, robust business solutions can’t be intuitive and easily consumed, then they’re probably not all that innovative. 

What does this look like in practice? 18 years of keen market attentiveness helps. This front-row seat to the changing global communications landscape — and the growing pains that came with it — has led NetSapiens to offer a unique UCaaS pricing model based on sessions not seats. This enables service providers to overcome standard profitability and provisioning woes and be better positioned to deliver that agility and flexibility the market so desperately needs. 

Furthermore, with NetSapiens’ cloud-native platform, users get powerful capabilities without the exorbitant expenses, unnecessary add-ons and cumbersome, complex delivery models tacked on in the interest of generating value. Instead, service provider partners can easily expand brand equity, secure much higher profit margins compared to alternative models and enable transformative capabilities through APIs and integrations. Paired with NetSapiens’ dedication to a humanized approach to customer care, service providers are set. 

A New World, A New Way to Be There

No matter how sophisticated UCaaS solutions and platforms get to meet changing requirements, success comes from never straying too far from the core, enduring motivation: a balance of connection and liberation. UCaaS platforms are about more than just helping teams remain in touch — they are a tool that ensures business goals can align with users’ needs to ‘Be There.’ 

What does ‘being there’ mean in our fast-paced, remote world? It means supporting the individual’s on-the-go life, helping them be anywhere they need to be while still supporting them with everything they require for accessibility and ease. It means enabling the enterprise to deliver this flexibility and keep global workforces feeling fulfilled without sacrificing productivity, and it means empowering the service providers these enterprises depend on with the platforms and capabilities that their customers are looking for. This vision for a technologically and organizationally unfettered future is what’s guiding true innovation, keeping organizations stable even as the world of business shifts. 

To learn more about NetSapiens, visit www.netsapiens.com or click here

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