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Horizon Unveils Three Midwest FTTH Build Outs, More on the Way

Horizon Unveils Three Midwest FTTH Build Outs, More on the Way

Horizon, a trusted midwestern networking partner, just announced that it is adding Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) expansions in three key Ohio markets — all as part of its larger push to create a fully-connected Midwest. The FTTH build outs in the cities of Greenfield, Washington Court House, and Lancaster represent a significant step forward in bridging the region’s digital divide, providing robust, high-speed broadband to communities, municipalities, businesses and homes across the region. 

Horizon is aggressively expanding in this region to meet growing demands with mission-critical and affordable networking solutions that deliver increased speed, capacity and reliability. 

In Greenfield, Washington Court House and Lancaster, these builds will respectively deliver:

  • 31 miles of new fiber, passing 2,665 homes and businesses
  • 76 miles of new fiber, passing nearly 6,500 homes and businesses
  • 183 miles of new fiber, passing more than 14,600 homes and businesses

This FTTH expansion in Greenfield is set to begin construction in April 2022, and it will go live to customers in late summer 2022, while construction on the Washington Court House leg will begin in May 2022 and go live to customers in September 2022. Construction in Lancaster will also launch in May 2022 and will go live to customers in November of this same year. 

“Ensuring access to robust fiber networking is not an initiative that can be kept on the backburner, and that’s why we’re proud to be unveiling our extensive plans for building out connectivity in Ohio and beyond,” comments Jim Capuano, CEO of Horizon. “Nothing is more important to Horizon than delivering the infrastructure and the customer experiences that everyone in this digital age deserves, and we’re underscoring that core commitment with tangible builds both now and in the future.” 

Horizon also has future buildouts planned in several additional communities throughout the region. The company will soon announce builds in 6 more midwestern markets.

Today, Horizon operates 5,500+ miles of fiber across Ohio, West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and Indiana, with data center connectivity and backhaul services that span up to Chicago, IL. 


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