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Horizon network partner

Horizon on the Power and Impacts of Being a Networking Partner

Trusted fiber and network partner Horizon has an exceptionally long-standing history helping customers meet evolving demands for connectivity (125 years of experience on their residential side, in fact). As the company has grown and changed to meet new requirements, their business side of the house has become core to both local and large-scale innovation in the Midwest. To help us learn more about the company, its growth trajectory and how it serves a range of customer needs, JSA TV recently sat down with Tim Neely (Horizon’s Partner Sales Manager) at the Channel Partners Conference and Expo. 

If you want to save yourself the reading time, don’t hesitate to catch the video interview in its entirety here:

With a host of build outs and network expansions always in process, Horizon remains dedicated to extending its powerful fiber connectivity and related services to more local governments, schools, healthcare organizations and more. Not to mention, the company has been putting some major investment into its Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) expansions lately to support community connectivity. Tim notes, “That’s important for the enterprise side…it gets us closer to more businesses…but it also helps Horizon in bridging the digital divide.”

That digital divide is a key driver of Horizon’s ongoing commitment to delivering state-of-the-art fiber alongside the trusted, expert support of a true network partner. Notably, Horizon has a newly lit, unique ‘superhighway’ from Chicago’s 350 E. Cermak data center to South Bend, Indiana, and Indianapolis — all tying back to Horizon’s fiber backbone in Columbus, OH. Projects like these not only deliver crucial redundancy and diversity for mission-critical workloads, but it also supports business requirements with multiple on-net and near-net meet-me points across Horizon’s 6,000+ mile fiber network. How does this fit into where the business landscape stands now? Well, Tim sums it up with this: “All industries are moving to the cloud…and in turn, the need for robust data center connectivity has exploded as well. [This is] what superhighways and fiber networks can do for hyperscalers and enterprises… they can support the cloud applications [organizations] are running.” 

Of course, the secret to Horizon’s status as a trusted network partner is only in part due to its continual network investment and technological prowess — it’s also thanks to the company’s local support, customized approach to customer collaboration and hometown service style. 

For this network partner, there’s a lot to look forward to on the horizon — so be sure to tune into this JSA TV interview to get the full scoop. 

To learn more about Horizon, visit www.horizonconnects.com.

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