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Horizon Announces Voice Connect

Horizon Launches Voice Connect, a Turnkey Cloud-Based Hosted Voice Solution

Horizon, a fiber-optic broadband company operating out of Columbus, Ohio, has just announced that it is offering Voice Connect, a hosted voice solution, powered by Cymbus. Voice Connect enables customers to enhance the mobility of their business communication and collaboration with a turnkey, cloud-based, easily consumable and customizable tool. With this solution, customers can empower newly distributed workforces and amplify value with scalable capabilities that keep teams working at the speed of digital business. 

Voice Connect streamlines enterprise phone systems, offering fully-featured cloud-supported desktop phones and providing voice services to all employees and conference rooms. The Voice Connect portfolio also delivers additional options, including the ability to bring calls and instant messages on the go with an intuitive app for employee devices, as well as HD video conferencing, softphone and instant messaging capabilities. 

“Today’s workforce is growing more distributed by the day, but the need for seamless communication has never been more clear. Businesses require a solution that can keep teams fully aligned in order to reach new goals — regardless of if these individuals are in home offices, on the road or elsewhere,” notes Craig Drinkhall, Director of Products and Sales Engineering at Horizon. “The cloud is key to achieving new levels of mobility without sacrificing robust capability, and we’re thrilled to be offering a customizable, all-in-one solution that helps our customers meet evolving mission-critical requirements.”

Voice Connect is delivered alongside Horizon’s enduring commitment to consultative, high-quality solutions and an approachable, reliable customer care system. 

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