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Horizon FTTH Expansion

Horizon Expands Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Into Greenfield, Ohio

Horizon, a fiber-optic broadband company operating out of Columbus, Ohio, is expanding its robust regional network with the construction of a state-of-the-art fiber-optic (FTTH) network for residents and businesses in Greenfield, Ohio. This build, launched due to increased local demand for enhanced connectivity, will support evolving requirements and promote community growth throughout the region. 

This FTTH expansion in Greenfield is set to begin construction in April 2022, and it will go live to customers in late summer 2022. The expansion includes 31 miles of new planned fiber, passing 2,665 homes and businesses in the Greenfield area. 

This new network will support growing bandwidth requirements for users across the build’s footprint, offering greater speeds and heightened bandwidth capabilities with affordable broadband options while underscoring Horizon’s role as a trusted network partner.

The company has future buildouts planned in several communities throughout the region. Currently, Horizon is in the FTTH construction phase in Lancaster and Washington Court House, Ohio, and will soon announce 6 additional markets.

“Horizon is paving the way for Midwest communities to be connected for work, school, and more,” comments Jim Capuano, CEO of Horizon. “Affordable broadband to the home is not a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity for people’s physical, social and economic health. We are proud to offer a gateway to underserved communities in the Midwest with high-quality, affordable, and reliable broadband solutions.”

Today, Horizon operates 5,500+ miles of fiber across Ohio, West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and Indiana — with data center connectivity and backhaul services that span up to Chicago, IL.

To learn more about Horizon, visit www.horizonconnects.com

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