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Horizon Doubles Fiber Internet Speed at No Cost to Customers

These days, everyone is looking to keep as much money in their pocket as possible. Unpredictable or downtrending markets, price gouging, the threat of potential recessions — they all put pressure on end users to get the very best solutions without breaking the bank. That goes double for internet services and other mission-critical networking capabilities. 

Price sensitivity is one thing, but there are some community and user-driven providers out there that are taking this consideration to the next level. Horizon, an Ohio-based fiber-optic broadband company, has just made an aggressive play in the Ohio internet market, announcing a change in its fiber internet offering that doubles the speed of its lowest-priced symmetrical internet service for no additional cost to customers. This means that Horizon’s Lightspeed 500 Mbps home internet package will now be offered for the same price as their previous 250 Mbps package. 

“We take great pride in offering industry-best high speeds and low costs, and our latest move is another example of our commitment in those areas,” explains Horizon Chief Executive Officer Jim Capuano, “The new offering represents a permanent change to Horizon’s services, not a one-time offer. As prices go up across the market, our customers will find that ours are remaining firm—or in the case of this new announcement, going down in relation to the services offered. It’s a testament to our dedication to serving our surrounding communities with affordable, fast, reliable internet connectivity they require to grow and thrive.

Lightspeed Internet was previously offered in 250, 500, and 1000 Mpbs packages, but the company has completely eliminated the lowest tier service as part of its recent announcement. With this, customers using the 250 Mbps Horizon solution will enjoy a free upgrade of twice the speed, and 500 Mbps subscribers benefit from a steep discount of $15 per month (or $180 annually). This move makes Horizon’s services 10-20% more cost-effective than market competitors — and that matters when we’re all looking to keep our hard-earned money. 

The new service configuration is an extension of Horizon’s Lightspeed Internet service, which delivers uninterrupted video calls and streaming. Unlike other services, this solution offers subscribers a dedicated fiber optic connection, enabling them to avoid sharing bandwidth with others in their neighborhood and avert slow upload and download speeds. For new customers looking to take advantage of this service offering, the company is also providing a discount of up to $400 annually — including free installation.

This news comes as part of Horizon’s aggressive Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network expansions across the Midwest, including major rural broadband projects that will increase high-speed internet access across Ohio.

To learn more about this announcement, click here.

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