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Horizon FTTH Ohio

Horizon Continues Closing Digital Divide in Ohio Communities with Robust FTTH

Horizon, a trusted Midwest fiber-optic partner, has long been a force for connectivity throughout the state of Ohio and beyond. One of the main projects underscoring the organization’s commitment to closing the digital divide is its continued development of rich Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployments. Most recently, the company announced the continued expansion of its regional state-of-the-art fiber optic network to residents and businesses located in 13 new Ohio communities. 

“We are very excited to bring high-quality, reliable broadband solutions to nearly 117,000 homes across these communities,” said Jim Capuano, CEO at Horizon. “This significant expansion delivers on our commitment to keeping Midwest communities connected by reaching underserved fiber areas and delivering greater bandwidth and faster internet speeds. We are proud that Horizon, an Ohio-based telecommunications company for over 100 years, continues to support Governor DeWine’s vision and Ohio Broadband’s initiatives to eradicate the digital divide in the state.”

This latest FTTH project includes approximately 1,800 miles of fiber, which passes nearly 117,000 homes and businesses across Delaware, Granville, Heath, Hilliard, Jackson, Marietta, Marion, Newark, Powell, Sunbury and Youngstown, as well as in Fayette County and Western Ross County. With this FTTH backbone in place, these communities will have the robust networking foundations they need to thrive and will be well-equipped to leverage innovation applications and digital opportunities. Horizon’s network solutions deliver enhanced reliability and symmetrical speeds, as well as expanded bandwidth capabilities with affordable broadband options. To date, Horizon has continued its strategic footprint growth and now operates more than 6,000 miles of fiber across Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and western Pennsylvania.

“We’re proud to connect so many communities in this region that our teams call home. As the demands for high-quality and high-speed internet continue to grow, we’ll continue to grow these networks in a meaningful way,” added Capuano.

To learn more about Horizon, visit horizonconnects.com. To learn more about Horizon’s ongoing FTTH push, check out some blogs about the company’s past Fiber-to-the-Home news here or here

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