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Horizon and YMCA Deliver Ohio Connectivityr

Horizon and the YMCA of Central Ohio Join Forces to Keep Communities Connected

The pandemic shed new light on the digital inequities that exist in the communities across America, putting the importance of robust IT into stark relief as families, businesses and individuals sought to stay connected. As the landscape of communication and interaction changed, the lack of internet access for many young people and families became an acute challenge that needed a fast and high-quality solution. 

It’s for this reason that Horizon, a fiber-optic broadband company operating out of Columbus, Ohio, was excited to announce that it was selected by the YMCA of Central Ohio as the provider of choice for an enhanced Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and hosted voice solution. 

In response to urgent and evolving demands for digital capabilities, the YMCA sought to keep communities connected by developing programming that increased internet access for all people they serve — in turn helping to lessen the gap in the digital divide. These programs include Learning Extension Centers and STEM opportunities through eSports, as well as live, virtual Y classes. However, uptake of these additional offerings heightened demand for bandwidth at many of the YMCA’s locations. 

To meet new bandwidth needs, Horizon and the YMCA together developed network solutions for approximately a dozen Central Ohio locations. The solutions included fiber DIA with varying speeds by location, and Horizon’s Voice Connect offering — a cloud-based voice product that delivers powerful communications and collaboration abilities. As this partnership progressed, YMCA noted an appreciation for Horizon’s partner approach to network solutions. Working together with customers to ensure creative, flexible fiber networking and internet connectivity is what continues to set Horizon apart from other more cost-prohibitive service providers. 

“We are grateful for this partnership with Horizon, which allows us to significantly improve our YMCA’s WiFi experience and access as we serve our communities through various virtual programs and platforms,” said YMCA CEO, Tony Collins.   

“When we started working with the YMCA, bandwidth challenges limited their online and streaming capabilities for a number of locations,” noted Glenn Lytle, Chief Revenue Officer for Horizon. “We’re excited for the opportunity to supply network solutions that enable technology growth and high-quality experiences for their community members.”

Horizon is committed to consultative, high-quality solutions and an approachable, reliable customer care system. 

To inquire more about fiber solutions from Horizon, visit HorizonConnects.com/enterprise-fiber or email [email protected].

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