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GlobeNet Announces Premium Anti-DDoS Gold Mitigation Service

GlobeNet is launching a new, state-of-the-art Anti-DDoS Gold mitigation service. This new premium offering empowers GlobeNet’s Anti-DDoS suite and enhances its ability to meet the differing and stringent requirements of its customers.

Key features of GlobeNet’s Anti-DDoS Gold mitigation service will include:

  • Service packages measured in minutes
  • No limit of clean bandwidth or volume of mitigated attack
  • Flexibility in protection policies
  • Early detection of malicious traffic
  • Ability to mitigate high-volume attacks
  • Ability to mitigate protocol and application attacks
  • Dynamic detection and neutralization of attacks

“GlobeNet’s Anti-DDoS Gold and Silver levels provide an effective solution to the growing scale of modern DDoS attacks,” notes Eduardo Falzoni, CEO of GlobeNet. “With this new service, our customers now have the enhanced flexibility to choose the option that will best suit their needs. Both services provide 24/7 network protection without the need for organizations to make costly capital investments in their own anti-DDoS solutions. As a result, we ensure peace of mind for our clients’ mission-critical infrastructure and traffic.

To learn more about GlobeNet and its Gold and Silver Anti-DDoS solutions, visit the company’s website at www.globenet.com.

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