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Authority Magazine: Marshall Lerner

GIR Software Services CEO Marshall Lerner Shares 5 Things to Create a Highly Successful e-Commerce Business with Authority Magazine

In a recent interview, Authority Magazine sat down with GIR Software Services’ CEO, Marshall Lerner to get his perspective on 5 Things You Need to Know to Create a Highly Successful Ecommerce Business.

Authority Magazine is devoted to sharing thought-provoking interviews with leaders in Business, Pop Culture, Wellness, Social Impact and Tech. Since 2018, Authority has conducted more than 30,000 interviews with prominent authorities like Seth Godin, Dr. Jane Goodall, and the c-suite executives of companies like e-Bay, Google, Microsoft and many more.

With 35 years of industry experience, Marshall and his team of experts helps their clients “Get It Right” by creating fast, engaging and highly competitive web stores with great omnichannel shopping experiences for every customer.

In this compelling interview, Marshall dives into:

  • How ecommerce businesses are adapting to the new realities created by the pandemic
  • How small to medium sized online businesses can compete against monster online retailers
  • Common mistakes that people make when starting an e-Commerce business
  • How NetSuite SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced can dramatically empower emerging e-Commerce brands
  • Proven strategies to increase conversion rates
  • How to deal with negative reviews and ensure a better customer experience for all

and more.

You won’t want to miss reading this compelling read. Click here to take it all in.

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