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Get to Know Your JSAer – Noelani Frazier, an Account Analyst with a Passion for Social Media, Hiking and Photography

Social media has become so much more than just a place to keep in touch with friends and family. Now, it has evolved to be a platform for sharing values, opinions and beliefs with the world, including the companies we do business with. JSA Account Analyst Noelani Frazier has a deep knowledge of social media strategy and tactics that she leverages to help JSA clients form connections with their audiences. We’d like to give you the chance to get to know more about her and pick up some insights on current social media marketing trends!

Let’s start off with JSA. What attracted you to JSA and your role as an account analyst?  

I first learned about JSA through a social media marketing professionals group I am a member of.  I read about the company and spent some time reading JSA blogs and watching JSA TV interviews. It seemed like a really great place to work with an extensive client portfolio. Plus, I was really excited about the prospect of working for a PR agency, as I knew it would mean every day would be different and exciting. I soonGet to Know Your JSAer - Noelani Frazier, an Account Analyst with a Passion for Social Media, Hiking and Photography learned that one of my former colleagues, Talia, was a JSA team member!  I reached out to her and she spoke so highly of the company –  even referring to JSA as a “family”. This really stood out to me, and I saw EXACTLY what she meant about the people and the “family feel” during my very first interview with the executive team – everyone was so nice and it was immediately evident how much they truly love what they do.

You are very passionate about social media marketing. Can you tell us about how you’ve seen social media marketing strategy change over the past few years? 

The biggest (and very welcome) change I’ve seen with social media strategy over the years is that it has become more of a conversational tool, one where companies can tell their stories in a way that truly lets them connect in real-time with customers and clients. When I first started working with companies and managing their social media accounts the messaging felt very much like an extension of the website and very salesy. There has been a much bigger push for starting conversations and creating a more positive user experience and I think companies are really seeing the value, not only in marketing overall, but in social media specifically. Five years ago many companies did not even see the point of having social media accounts, but that narrative has definitely changed. The content that B2B companies are willing to share now is a lot more fun and engaging: they are more willing to post videos, fun visuals, and truly tell a story which does a lot to create a more enjoyable experience for potential customers.

What is your (current) favorite social media platform for B2B and why? 

LinkedIn –  it remains the platform with the most B2B engagement and is definitely where the conversations and thought leadership are happening. I love seeing clients post and respond to content shared on Linkedin, and then following up with a connection request. I feel like especially now with the pandemic, Linkedin offers the closest thing to human interaction in the workplace; allowing us to learn about clients (and their teams) backgrounds and what kind of content they enjoy engaging with all in one place. Twitter would definitely be a close second for conversations, but I love the “people” aspect of Linkedin most.

Not only do you have vast social media expertise, you are also a professional photographer and videographer –  and you run a successful motherhood blog!  How do you apply your experience with these creative outlets to your role here at JSA? 

Get to Know Your JSAer - Noelani Frazier, an Account Analyst with a Passion for Social Media, Hiking and PhotographyI would say the biggest way that these hobbies have come in handy with my role at JSA are when managing clients’ social media accounts, as well as applying my creativity to graphic creation for social media campaigns and blog articles.. I’ve had the opportunity to create graphics pretty regularly at JSA which I really enjoy and have not had the opportunity to do as much for clients in the past. I enjoy creative writing as well and in my time at JSA I’ve already seen my B2B writing skills grow from working closely with so many amazing writers. Writing for several different clients has been an exciting challenge that keeps me on my toes.

So when you aren’t planning the next successful social media campaign, taking beautiful photos or blogging about mom life, what do you like to do in your spare time? 

I am a big hiker, I love to get out on trails and just take in nature. I hope to be able to travel to one of those really pretty trails in the Midwest somewhere, maybe Utah or Arizona and hike a famous trail one day. I love spending time with my son, and he is an outdoor enthusiast as well. I am also a certified “Target enthusiast”, though it’s hard to put into words what that entails – a lot of window shopping I suppose!

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