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Get to Know Your JSAer: Marketing Strategist and JSA TV Host Extrordinaire Laura Noland

Get to Know Your JSAer: Marketing Strategist and JSA TV Host Extraordinaire Laura Noland

From the Newsroom to the Zoom screen, JSA’s Vice President of Account Strategy Laura Noland has done it all. Her past experience as a news anchor has made her a remarkable JSA TV and Virtual Roundtable host, and her love of Disney gives her an excuse to travel back to Orlando every chance she gets. But what exciting Marketing trends does JSA’s account strategy whiz think is one to keep an eye on? Read more about her and her take on marketing in 2021 to find out!

Let’s begin by talking about your extensive marketing career. Tell us about your background and how you apply your experience to developing multi-layer marketing campaigns for JSA’s clients.

I have more than two decades of experience as a marketing and communications leader, including a background in creating and executingGet to Know Your JSAer: Marketing Strategist and JSA TV Host Extrordinaire Laura Noland strategic integrated marketing, communications and media strategies for tech and telecom companies around the world.

Before JSA, I managed external communications for one of the largest private companies in the U.S. I’ve partnered with national brands, professional sports teams and executives on brand marketing initiatives, developed a centralized social media infrastructure, and established content marketing and lead generation processes across the entire organization. 

As an accomplished speaker, I’ve had the privilege to share best practices for digital marketing, public relations, media relations and social media with major companies across the U.S.

In addition, I have an extensive background as a television news anchor/reporter and radio news anchor at stations from Florida to Texas. Before picking up the microphone, I enjoyed a stint as a Walt Disney World publicist during its 25th-anniversary celebration in Orlando.

I am passionate about utilizing my decades of marketing experience and staying on top of marketing trends to develop, execute and maintain in-depth marketing strategies that elevate JSA clients’ brands in the telecom and tech space. My customer-focused, diverse audience experience plays a pivotal role in how I approach multiple-layer marketing campaigns. I’m so fortunate I get to use my TV News chops and background for hosting and moderating JSA TV and JSA Virtual Roundtables. I enjoy helping executives become comfortable in front of the camera and sharing their stories.

In addition to leading several client accounts, you frequently host JSA TV interviews and JSA Virtual Round Tables due to your broadcast journalism background. What are your top tips for those who aren’t quite comfortable in front of the camera for a 1:1 interview?

In the age of Zoom, most everyone finds themselves in front of a camera. As a former television news anchor and reporter, the biggest tip I can give is practice makes perfect. Do mock interviews, record yourself and have a coworker give feedback on your on-camera presence.  

I know it’s tough, but try to forget there’s a camera and act as if you are talking to a neighbor or friend. This helps keep you sounding and looking at ease –  not so stiff and rehearsed.

It’s a great idea to also have at least three main talking points that you can always reference in your on-camera interview or discussions to keep you on track and succinct. Whether on Zoom or in person, background and lighting are so important! 

Don’t make your background too distracting and avoid filters to keep a professional video setting. If you need on-camera training, reach out to us at JSA. We are happy to provide you with customized media interview training and video coaching.

Get to Know Your JSAer: Marketing Strategist and JSA TV Host Extrordinaire Laura NolandAs Vice President of Account Strategy, what marketing trends are you most excited about?

It’s essential to keep on top of marketing trends to put our clients ahead of the competition. I’m always working to identify new trends that can maintain and enhance multi-layer marketing strategies.

Programmatic advertising is a gamechanger for digital advertising. It offers a layer of transparency that marketers can’t get from traditional advertising. I get excited about seeing the exact sites your advertisements are reaching, the type of customer looking at your ad, and any additional costs associated with the ad space in real-time. Best of all, I love those higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs. 

Another trend I’m excited about is personalized advertising. I’ve created email campaigns using personalized messages to increase engagement rates and make the customer experience more relevant, useful and enjoyable. Trying to keep those inboxes exciting is a challenge, but it’s achievable with smart content and message personalization. It’s amazing to see how more companies are tapping into this method via HubSpot and other tools, and I’m excited to help navigate their journey.

When you aren’t developing a big marketing campaign for a JSA client or researching topics to cover during your next JSA TV interview, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’m an avid bargain shopper and self-proclaimed Black Friday shopping ninja! I also love rooting on the Oklahoma Sooners. College football season can’t come soon enough! When I’m not cheering for the Sooners, I stay busy with my family spending time at the lake and supporting our three amazing kids with their school sports, activities and fundraisers. Since I moved from Orlando to Oklahoma a few years ago, I love going back to the Sunshine State, hitting the beach and visiting Disney °O°.

Get to Know Your JSAer: Marketing Strategist and JSA TV Host Extrordinaire Laura Noland

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