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Scala Triumphs: Recognizing Digital Infrastructure Pioneers

From IM100 to DCD – Scala Leads the Charge in Digital Infrastructure Excellence

Closing out the year on a high note, Scala Data Centers celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of its CEO, Marcos Peigo and Christiana Weisshuhn, Scala’s Chief of Staff and ESG Executive Director, who have been honored with a prestigious iMasons Award. Additionally, Scala’s presence as a finalist in three categories at the DCD Global Awards solidifies the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and its impactful contributions to the digital infrastructure industry. Armed with these accolades, Scala is poised to leave a lasting impression on the data center industry in 2023 and beyond.  

iMasons Awards: Recognizing Outstanding Contributions

The iMasons Awards program serves as a platform to showcase and amplify the outstanding contributions of leaders who have achieved tangible and sustained results in the digital infrastructure industry. Marcos Peigo’s inclusion in the IM100 list and Christiana Weisshuhn’s recognition as an Education Champion exemplify Scala’s commitment to inspiring future generations to pursue technical careers.

Marcos Peigo: IM100 Award Winner and Industry Trailblazer

Scala’s CEO, Marcos Peigo, secured the coveted IM100 Award, a testament to his influential contributions to the digital infrastructure industry. With over two decades of experience, Peigo’s leadership has been instrumental in steering Scala Data Centers to impressive growth since its inception in 2020. His inclusion in the IM100 list recognizes his meaningful and measurable impact on the industry. As a Senior Advisor to DigitalBridge, Peigo’s strategic vision continues to shape the future of digital infrastructure in Latin America.

Christiana Weisshuhn: Education Champion and Catalyst for Change

Christiana Weisshuhn, a key figure at Scala Data Centers, is named an Education Champion in the iMasons Awards. This honor acknowledges her role in accelerating talent flow into the digital infrastructure industry by aligning the education sector with industry needs. Weisshuhn’s 25-year journey in the data center industry has been marked by her dedication to fostering diversity and creating opportunities. The Mega (Watt) of Opportunities Program, initiated by Weisshuhn, awards full scholarships for students in vulnerability and stands as a testament to her and Scala’s commitment to preparing a diverse workforce for success in the IT sector.

DCD Global Awards 

Scala has been shortlisted in three categories at the DCD Global Awards 2023, emphasizing the company’s commitment to innovation and community impact. For 17 years, DCD has been recognizing the best people, projects, and teams who put innovation at the heart of this vibrant industry sector. The winners will be announced on December 6 in London. Scala was shortlisted in the following categories: 

  • Latin American Data Center Project of the Year: Scala’s projects in Latin America have been recognized for pushing the boundaries of data center design and construction, showcasing innovative technologies and engineering strategies.
  • Community Impact Award: Scala’s initiatives in social and community development have earned them a place in this category, highlighting their commitment to positive change, diversity and inclusion.
  • Data Center Construction Team of the Year: Recognizing the importance of time, cost, and quality in data center construction, this award applauds Scala’s construction teams for their flexibility and initiative.

Scala’s Continued Commitment to Innovation

Scala’s remarkable success at the DCD Global Awards 2023, coupled with the individual recognitions of Peigo and Weisshuhn, reflect the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and social impact. Scala takes pride in the recognition and looks forward to continuing to inspire the digital infrastructure industry and help shape the future of digital infrastructure. Learn more about Scala: https://scaladatacenters.com/en/

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