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FlexNet: Lightpath’s New SD-WAN Solution


Enabling efficient network configuration improves performance and monitoring and demand has been growing over the last 10 years. SD-WAN’s have evolved to be quicker, more user-friendly and more secure networks than traditional WAN environments. Let’s look at some of the drivers:

Changing Requirements

Business landscapes are ever-evolving; therefore, technology must be as agile and flexible as possible. Hybrid company landscapes are now the norm with some workers in the office and some remote. SD-WAN allows for more timely moves, adds, changes and removals directly from the platform. Market demand may also be a factor in ever-evolving business requirements. 

Technology Evolution

As technology evolves, there is a greater demand for SaaS applications and cloud adoption. As businesses adopt and embrace new technologies such as IoT, there is a growing need to maintain security standards across all network applications as well.  SD-WAN networks allow for secure, reliable connections to many products and services with the added advantage of testing, optimizing and pivoting network infrastructure and compute environments in an efficient manner. There are also high expectations for reporting and proactive monitoring and visibility are key. Insights into user data, applications, bandwidth loads, peak utilization times, and security threats are all important touchpoints for ongoing data analysis and efficient operations. 

Downward Pressure on Costs

Businesses are always evaluating cost versus benefits and the need to reduce CapEx and OpEx expenses related to technology support functions. Switch networks that connect home offices to data centers are costly and often have complex configurations. SD-WAN’s allow the configuration of multiple locations from a single display and reduces the need for CapEx physical expenditures (i.e. data center space and equipment). While moving applications to the cloud through the public internet over a WAN is fine, doing it over an SD-WAN is more efficient, reliable and secure.


Centralized Control

With LP FlexNet, you have direct access to the online management portal, accessible anywhere at any time. Within the portal, you can view locations and any issues on the network, along with a bird’s eye view of your data utilization in its entirety. These real-time stats include usage, loss, latency, jitter, and more. The portal is also accessible via a mobile app. View this video for an in-depth look at the portal.

Improved Quality of Service

With FlexNet’s robust offerings, each branch can have consistent, reliable connectivity if you want it to. You can leverage direct internet access as a primary circuit and have a lower-cost secondary circuit as a backup. This backup picks up automatically – no need to do anything. Reliability here is key. You can also prioritize your network traffic so that when an issue arises, the most important traffic will take precedence. 


Lightpath takes security very seriously and has integrated robust security into LP FlexNet. Security is often an added option compared to other offerings, but not with LP FlexNet. A multitude of tools is included for you to leverage into your cybersecurity policy, including VPN, firewalls, content filtering, anti-malware protection, and IDS/IPS. These layers of security will protect your network and integrate into your risk-management policies and compliances.

Reporting and Analytics

To have a full understanding of what is happening on your network and be able to properly plan for the future, full real-time visibility is crucial. The other added bonus LP FlexNet provides is analytics reporting. You’ll have this data at your fingertips with the option to easily create daily, weekly, and monthly reports. In addition to the reporting, the insights LP FlexNet provides are bar none in its ability to aid business decisions. Where is the network utilized the most? Which applications are utilizing it most? The list goes on. 


What You Need to Know:


  • Reduce Costs: Operational costs are reduced as FlexNet rides across any internet transport; you can use any local provider if you are in a remote location. 
  • Full-Network Visibility: If you sign on one time, you have control over the entire WAN. View traffic in real-time and receive informative, proactive alerts. 
  • Simplify Move, Add, Change: Easy activation to add/remove sites as needed. Do you have employees transitioning to work-from-home? Seamlessly provide them with access to the network.
  • Network Flexibility and Simplicity: Customize the network to meet your requirements. There are many options for network architecture, redundancy, traffic priority, or high availability. All of these are achieved while maintaining a high level of security. 



  • A cost-effective move away from costly legacy technology
  • Expanding without interrupting your existing locations 
  • The ability to migrate into the cloud with a centralized view
  • Prioritizing traffic 
  • Effective and efficient management of compliance requirements
  • Access to built-in security protection, at no added cost 


Most importantly, if you need this technology, you can get it now. SD-WAN systems are in inventory. You do not need to wait for a new build of equipment. 

Questions about LP FlexNet and SD-WAN? Contact Lightpath here. To view the LP FlexNet lunch and learn in its entirety, click here


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