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Financial Workflow Services Company, ePayRails, Rebrands to Fintainium, Inc.

The new brand reinforces the company’s dedication to offering the strongest financial solution set of services to customers  

ePayRails, a financial workflow services company, announces that it has rebranded to Fintainium, Inc. The comprehensive rebrand follows the company’s initiative to create an image that more accurately reflects the strong services and value that the company adds to its target client base. The name change of ePayRails to Fintainium reflects the completion of the first step in the company’s rebranding process.  Following the name change the company will soon unveil its new logo, website and announce other exciting product and brand developments.

As part of the company rebrand, Fintainium describes itself as a next generation payments solution provider that integrates with existing accounting and ERP systems.

“Historically, businesses have faced, and continue to face, remarkable complexities when it comes to paying and getting paid. Managing cash flow is at the heart of every business,” explains Richard Jackman, CEO of Fintainium. “To address these important issues for our customers, Fintainium provides solutions that span purchasing through to trade finance; and provide them with a comprehensive, 360-degree view of their cash flow in order to enable sustainable, profitable growth. Typically, businesses have been forced to use multiple partners to attempt to obtain what Fintainium provides with one single, simple and elegant solution.”

Fintainium also provides a seasoned and successful management team dedicated to formulating      solutions to address existing and new opportunities and challenges that clients bring to the company.

“There is not a problem that can’t be solved if you have the right data and experience, and that’s where Fintainium steps in,” adds Joe Voica, President of Fintainium. “Building on the company’s pedigree and leadership in financial services, technology and data, Fintainium is a disruptive force in the industry.”

Fintainium, Inc., formerly ePayRails, Inc., was founded in January 2018 with a vision to provide businesses the tools and services businesses need to sustain, grow and profit. Fintainium is a next generation B2B payments solution provider that integrates with existing accounting and ERP systems. For more information please visit fintainium.com (new website coming soon) or contact Richard Jackman, CEO at (833) 372-9482, ext. 700.

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