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fiber optic sensing technology award

FiberSense Wins CommsDay Innovation Award for Fiber Optic Sensing Technology

FiberSense’s groundbreaking fiber optic sensing technology is making waves around the world and the tech industry is now on notice, awarding the company with an Innovation Award for its use of sensing technology at the recent annual CommsDay Award dinner. 

The Australian-based company’s suite of proprietary technologies leverages existing telecom fiber cables to provide valuable insights to a wide range of customers. These insights can prevent strikes to critical underground assets such as water and gas pipelines or high voltage power cables. By converting fiber into an array of sensors, FiberSense can detect, classify and track events and objects in real time, such as vehicles, pedestrians, excavators, pit tampering and route flapping events.

“Winning the award is a further validation of the game changing technology that the FiberSense team is pioneering,” said FiberSense CEO and Founder Mark Englund in response to the award win. “Our customer numbers grew strongly as the market gathers a better appreciation of the use cases for our patented Distributed Acoustic Sensing software. We are delighted that the CommsDay Award judging panel recognized our software innovations so highly given the quality of other nominees.”

Fiber Optic Sensing Technology Activating Across the Globe

Englund said this last year has seen FiberSense services activated across fiber networks in Europe, the Americas, Australia and across subsea cables linking major continents. This technology now holds the distinction of receiving award winning recognition. 

The CommsDay judging panel highlighted that FiberSense DigitalAsset service provides detection, prevention and mitigation features to protect cable networks and other underground critical utility assets by providing customers:

  • Early detection of potential fiber cable strikes before they happen
  • Real-time condition monitoring to enhance maintenance
  • Integration with “dial before you dig” services to deter damage around fiber cables
  • The capture of seismic data for assisting rapid response to damage from earthquake events
  • Smart City and vehicle tracking use cases for clients’ networks as a massive sensor network.

To see the full press release about FiberSense’s award win, visit their website: https://fibersense.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/FiberSense-CommsDay-Award.pdf

For general information on FiberSense, visit www.fiber-sense.com, or read more recent FiberSense news.

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