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FiberSense in capacity magazine

Seeing Fiber Optic Cable In a New Light: Capacity Magazine Piece Shines Spotlight on FiberSense’s Innovative Technology

Robert Frost wrote about “a road less traveled,” but for FiberSense, leaders in fiber optic sensing technology, the story goes more like this: innovating along a well-traveled path. The Australia-based company is using existing fiber optic cables in new ways to provide data that helps improve safety, efficiency, productivity and security for communities, subsea and terrestrial cable operators and those exploring 5G innovations like autonomous vehicles.  

FiberSense’s patented passive sensor system, called Vibration Detection and Ranging, is used over optical fiber cable infrastructure to sense movements above ground, prevent accidental digging into power lines or gas pipes, detect and provide forewarning of earthquakes, aid with the effective management of terrestrial and subsea cables and more. Altogether, FiberSense’s technology has the ability to bring unparalleled insights to object and event detection globally.

In a new feature from Capacity Magazine, CEO Mark Englund homes in on the company’s unique abilities and explains why finding new uses for existing fiber optics can be so impactful.

“We believe that the FiberSense … allows the millions upon millions of kilometers of fiber optic cables stretching around the globe to be seen ‘in a new light.’ These cables are in fact, a source of high value, real-time data on the operation of communities, movements across cities and engagements within societies. Capturing and processing this data, lays the foundation for new innovations in safety, efficiency, productivity and security. Applications of far greater value than just content streaming down a pipe,” Englund writes in the article.

Learn more about the impact FiberSense is having on fiber optic sensing technology by reading the Capacity magazine feature now.

For more information on FiberSense, visit www.fiber-sense.com.




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