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Fiber Network Density and Diversity

The Keys to a Resilient, High-Performance Network 

A diverse network is often touted to promote reliable, robust connectivity. But in addition to diversity, density is also crucial to serving carriers and enterprise businesses seeking reliability on any fiber network. Leaders from Lightpath will discuss why both diversity and density are important to carriers and enterprises during an August 4th Lunch + Learn

Join Lightpath’s Chief Technology Officer, Phil Olivero and Massimo Cardarelli, OSP & Sales Engineering, for a 30-minute virtual event focusing on why these two pillars should be strategic components of planning network topologies. Discussion will include the ideal model to best serve the marketplace. Additional details will highlight how Lightpath is rapidly expanding to serve the outer edges of high demand metro-markets, creating custom solutions for end-to-end connectivity and large scale wireless deployments to help enable 5G. 

To register for Lighpath’s Lunch + Learn, Fiber Network Density and DiversityThe Keys to a Resilient, High Performance Network, click here

For more information, visit www.lightpathfiber.com and follow Lightpath on LinkedIn.

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