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Failover, not Failure: DQE Offers LTE Wireless Backup Service

New Tool Keeps Businesses Going During Internet Outages

As businesses work to get back to normal after COVID-19, the last thing they need is to be unprepared for an internet outage. Outages are costly when it comes to revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction. Thankfully, businesses throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia now have access to a new service that helps them remain operational during an outage. DQE Communications is now offering an LTE Internet Wireless Backup service that provides a failover solution for internet access. In the event a business’ primary DQE Internet or their existing internet with DQE’s SD-WAN service is inoperable, DQE’s Wireless Backup kicks in.

The Cost of Internet Outages

Internet outages are more common than you might think and they cost businesses time, money and customers. 

  • According to a 2019 study, one in 10 businesses surveyed reported at least 10 internet outages over the course of three years. 
  • Retail Customer Experience reports that nearly half of online customers avoid returning to a brand if they’ve had to wait longer than five minutes at checkout.
  • Gartner estimates the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. 

Work Through an Internet Outage with DQE’s Wireless Backup

DQE’s Wireless Backup service augments businesses’ networks and provides them with a way to remain operational in the event of a major disaster, severe weather, cyber attacks, a disruption in fiber or copper services, general IT updates and additional scenarios that can result in internet outages. In the event of a service disruption, DQE’s Wireless Backup provides a seamless transition to the internet for a customer’s critical applications. The scalable, cost-effective service integrates easily within an existing network and complements DQE’s Basic, Dedicated and Highly Available Internet, and SD-WAN services. 

“Businesses are increasingly relying on internet services to conduct day-to-day operations, and while DQE provides extremely reliable ways for businesses to connect, some businesses seek added assurance. Providing a wireless backup service allowing businesses to communicate with customers and employees during unplanned circumstances helps us deliver on our promise to provide superior service to our customers. It also offers our forward-thinking customers of any size a new tool that they can incorporate into their evolving business continuity strategies.” – Jim Morozzi, CEO of DQE Communications. 

To learn more about DQE’s internet and wireless backup solutions, visit their website

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