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ExteNet Systems and MGM Resorts Announce Nationwide Connectivity Partnership

ExteNet Systems & MGM Resorts Announce Nationwide Connectivity Partnership

ExteNet Systems and MGM Resorts Partner in the Country’s Largest In-Building Cellular Enhancement Project

You rarely compliment good WiFi service but you definitely notice when it’s bad. When you’re on a vacation at a world-class resort, connectivity is not something you want to chance. You don’t realize how many digital touchpoints are involved in your trip until you’re coordinating plans with travel companions, booking a hotel room, checking in and accessing your room with keyless locks, arranging dining and show reservations, displaying e-tickets for event entry, navigating to activities or requesting ride share services, making online food and beverage orders, placing bets, and so much more. Having the communications infrastructure to provide seamless digital connections at these large properties among thousands of other guests is a vital component to your overall satisfaction and reasons that make you comfortable leaving the house for a memorable live experience. 

ExteNet Systems, the leading privately held owner of secure 5G and fiber neutral host communications infrastructure solutions, announced September 28, 2022 that they’ve partnered with MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM) on the largest in-building cellular enhancement project in the United States. ExteNet will design, build and operate advanced signal and connectivity solutions in MGM properties across the country.  

In time for Super Bowl LVIII in February 2024 and the Formula One World Championship in November 2023, ExteNet Systems expects to bring a new state-of-the-art distributed wireless network to:

  • 25 MGM properties
  • Spanning  a total 54 million square feet
  • Covering more than 43,000 guest rooms 
  • Supporting over 70 million visitors annually

The future-ready private indoor 5G communications  system will eliminate dead zones, increase reliable access to apps, maps, and all the digital tools that make for top-tier experiences aligned with MGM’s exemplary service standards. 

ExteNet recently announced plans to move its headquarters to Frisco, Texas to be closer to their MNO partners. ExteNet was also recently contracted to provide the AT&T Center in San Antonio with its first private wireless network, enhancing the live experience for all San Antonio Spurs fans. 

Learn more about ExteNet’s work with MGM here.

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