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Eric Flock, 1623 Farnam Management Leader, Promoted to VP of Infrastructure and Facility

1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection and data center services, has already begun 2024 with a bang. In January, the company announced an exciting leadership milestone with the appointment of Bill Severn as its new CEO and President. Now, the company is underscoring its executive leadership excellence with yet another move: promoting Eric Flock to Vice President of Infrastructure and Facility. With this news, 1623 Farnam is handily building (and continuing) strong momentum to achieve new levels of value for its data center operations and high-value connectivity ecosystem. 

This edge data center stands out from the rest not only due to its strategic location in the heart of the U.S. (which conveniently positions it at the interconnection point for the country’s largest east/west and north/south routes), but also due to its on-site IX. Omaha IX, a leading midwest interconnection epicenter, has exhibited high rates of growth since its acquisition by 1623 in 2020, adding a range of hyperscalers, high-value partners and enterprises to its ecosystem. Today, to continue strengthening these game-changing local, regional, national and international connectivity advantages, Flock is delivering his depth of expertise across network equipment installation, fiber optic services, UPS and generator backup systems and more in his new role. 

Flock, who originally served as 1623 Farnam’s Operations Manager, continues to bring a strategic mix of extensive knowledge of the wider telecommunications and data center industry to the team while leveraging a deep understanding of 1623’s own operations and growth trajectory. These assets and experiences position him well for success in his new role. 

With upwards of 15 years of experience in critical infrastructure, Flock is very well accustomed to collaborating closely with 1623’s customers to meet even their most exacting needs. Now, as VP of Infrastructure and Facility, Flock is set to propel 1623 Farnam’s edge data center and connectivity ecosystem forward, driving even more value, rich experiences and collaboration within the company’s colocation facility and on-site IX. 

“It’s been a wonderful experience working alongside the 1623 team across all these years, seeing our data center, our solutions and our customers’ success grow and evolve as intricate demands and technical requirements change,” states Flock. “I’m eager to step into this new role and become a driving force for the future of this connectivity ecosystem we’ve built, equipping our customers and partners with the right infrastructure solutions to thrive in the competitive marketplace.”

To learn more about the 1623 Farnam team, click here. 

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