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Equus Compute Solutions and Micron Technologies Set To Host AI Storage Webinar

With the rapid evolution of AI use cases and increasing popularity of AI deployments, understanding the foundational aspects of AI infrastructure has become a crucial topic for those in the data center world. To shed light on this critical topic, Micron Technology and ECS – Equus Compute Services are hosting an informational webinar titled “The Importance of Storage in AI Infrastructure”. This event promises to equip attendees with invaluable insights into the development of effective storage strategies for AI applications, an essential component for anyone involved in the data center industry.

Scheduled for May 29th at 2:00pm ET, the one-time event will feature a panel of industry experts from both Micron and ECS, focussed on discussing how memory and storage plays a critical, often overlooked role in how quickly AI models are trained. The panelists will cover several pivotal subjects, including the optimal choice for accelerating data access to compute, the best use case examples for different SSDs, the typical DRAM and NAND expectations of AI servers, and more. The format of the webinar will include detailed presentations followed by open question sessions, allowing participants to engage directly with the experts and delve deeper in the topics.

The Importance of Storage in AI Infrastructure

2:00pm ET
, 29 May 2024

Andrew Mierau, Micron Technology, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Patrick Pedroso, Equus Compute Services, Vice President of Engineering

Use Cases
-Deep learning
-Generative AI
-Language Processing
-Computer vision
-Predictions and forecasting

Online webinar, with presentations and Q&A sessions

Attendees will learn
-The AI server memory/storage hierarchy
-The role of memory in AI training, inference, and data flows
-How to implement SSDs in AI servers & storage platforms
-How to develop proofs of concept for AI applications using innovation labs

Visit here to sign up. Professionals in the data center industry, and those involved in designing and implementing AI infrastructure, are encouraged to register for this informative session.

To learn more about ECS, visit them at equuscs.com. To learn more about Micron Technology, visit them at microncpg.com.

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