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Electra: Hellman Electric’s Senior VP Carlos Casal on Aspirations for the Next Generation’s Quality of Life

Hellman Electric’s Senior VP speaks aspirations in the latest Electra magazine! For those who might not know, Hellman Electric is a full-service contractor of turn-key solutions for heavy construction, interior design builds and datacom services, and was acquired by Electra USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electra Group (TASE: ELTR) in 2018.

Carlos Casal has been an integral part of Hellman Electric since he initially joined the company as an intern almost 23 years ago. Now, Casal is the Senior Vice President of Project Management and oversees the Heavy Construction division. Casal primarily works with government agencies, design engineers, and large civil contracting companies. Within the Heavy Construction division, he plans and builds power, lighting and communications systems for roadways, bridges, tunnels, airports, subway and rail systems, parks, and more.

Casal takes a deeper dive into his insights on society in the U.S. and how the culture is trying to move towards improving the overall quality of future generation’s lives.

“We’re a very creative society that has built up industry, music, sports and theater on a global scale. The ancestral diversity of the American people makes this a beautifully unique country. Although we are a relatively young nation, we have embraced the values of multiple cultures from around the world to help shape our society and way of life. The foundation of our culture is rooted in the blood, sweat and tears of hard-working families that aspire to improve the quality of life of their children and future generations.”

Furthermore, Casal provided insights from a U.S. perspective, “We’ve focused on building relationships, especially internally. The bonds we create with our colleagues power the company atmosphere and culture. We often spend more time with our co-workers than with our families. Good communication and meaningful interactions foster a respectful working environment, from which any business can grow.”

For more information about Hellman Electric, visit www.hellmanelectric.com. To learn more about Electra Group, go to www.electra.co.il/en.


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